The Waxing Moon transits Scorpio from Wednesday, August 7, to Friday, August 9, between the Virgo Crescent and the Scorpio First Quarter Moon Phase

Michael Hutchence

Click the image to navigate to Michael Hutchence Astrology Page, Birth and Death Charts. Michael Hutchence was born when the Last Quarter Moon was transiting Scorpio, conjunct Neptune in the Tenth House, and the Sun Aquarius. rising conjunct the Ascendant, in the First House. His Ascendant was Capricorn and Saturn in Capricorn, in the Twelfth House, was his Chart’s Ruling Planet. Mars was also in the Twelfth House in conjunction to Saturn. Michael’s Venus was in Sagittarius in near perfect conjunction to Jupiter, in the Eleventh House. Michael died on November 22 1997 of a suspected suicide by hanging. Neptune was near perfect conjunction to his Mercury in Capricorn and very close to his Capricorn Ascendant and Zero degree Aquarius Sun. That particular Transit seems to have had a negatively morbid effect on Hutchence. Many other factors were also a play though, as it is always in these tragic cases. Quite eerie, for instance, is the perfect conjunction (same degree and minute ! ) of the Transiting Black Moon Lilith and his Lunar Ascending Node in Virgo; also the alignment of transiting Chiron to his Neptune; the near perfect conjunction of the Progressed Venus to his Saturn in Capricorn, in the Twelfth House of self-undoing. The two yearly Mars Return has taken place few days before his death also in the Twelfth House. The transiting Moon was entering Libra, the Sign occupied by Pluto at Birth, only five degrees from Pluto, in the Eighth House. Transiting Saturn had already made two passes over his Lower-Heaven (cusp of the Fourth House) since May of that year too. Finally the progressed Sun in Pisces was in exact trine to the Natal and Progressed Neptune in Scorpio.

SCORPIO, Moon of depth and resourcefulness
Emotionally supportive and resilient

The WAXING MOON TRANSITS SCORPIO from Wednesday, August 7, 11.31 am,
to Friday, August 9, 6.34 am, with the ingress into SAGITTARIUS

Suitable energy for cleansing, getting rid of the old, spring cleaning, rubbish removal, recycling, nursing, practical and emotional support, midwifery, intimacy, partnership in business, profound talks, sharing secrets, healing old wounds, cultivating psychic powers, studying occult subjects. Purchase of insurance policies, underwear, hygiene articles, medicines, medical equipment, payment of bills, fees and taxes, collecting debts. Helping the dying, honouring the dead. Action motivated by the desire to experience, to know or to control. Reserved and deep feelings, strong attachments, intense likes and dislikes. Beware of wilfulness, emotional control, resentments, obsessive thoughts, unyielding attitudes.

  • In the garden Scorpio is a very fertile Sign. It is also suitable for propagating cuttings, grafting and irrigation. It promotes sturdy roots. Corn, squashes and tomatoes seem to like particularly to be transplanted when the Moon is in Scorpio.
  • Healing Herbs: Aloe, Don Quai, Ginseng.
A note: the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.

First Quarter

The SCORPIO FIRST QUARTER MOON PHASE begins on Thursday, August 8, 3.30 am,
and ends on Sunday, August 11, 9.38 pm, with the CAPRICORN GIBBOUS MOON PHASE

The Moon is now 90 degrees ahead of the Sun, a right angle, very powerful. We meet some serious obstacle on our way. The goal is still strongly in view (Full Moon) but something or someone seem intent at stopping us or hinder our progress. This is the most critical point in the waxing period. It is important that we meet the challenge now, but it is also essential that we don’t go to war with people around us, blaming them for our difficulties, which are instead just a natural phase of our journey. There is something a bit black and white in this Moon’s position and the attention is perhaps focused too much on outside circumstances.

  • In the garden this is the demarcation time between the first and second weeks of the Moon cycle, an important boundary, because different types of plants can now go in, those we grow for their fruit or seedpods (tomatoes, beans etc.). The Moon needs also to be transiting a fertile or productive Sign.


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