The longest Lunar Eclipse of the century: Aquarius 04° on Saturday, July 28, 6.21 am

Artwork on Paper by Christine Robinson

Artwork on Paper by Christine Robinson

When to watch this Lunar Eclipse in Australia

This powerful cosmic event will be visible in most parts of Australia. It will be worth our while to get up before dawn, despite the chilly night. Weather predictions seem favourable to observation, at least in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

In New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria, the event will begin around 3.14 am. The Full Eclipse will start around 5.30 am, with Totality at 6.21 am, ending at 6.34 am in Tweed Heads, 6.55 am in Sydney and 7.29 in Melbourne, lasting, between 3 hours 20 to 4 hours 15 minutes; similar timing in Hobart, Tasmania.

It will begin earlier in the middle of Australia, at 2.44 am, with start of Totality at 5.51 am, for example, in Alice Spring or Darwin, in the Northern Territory. Same in South Australia, Adelaide for example.

It will begin earlier still, at 1.14 am, in Western Australia Perth, reaching Totality at 4.21 am.

If you are visiting or living in New Zealand the event will start later, around 5.14 am, reaching Totality around 7.22; lasting all up only 2 hours 10 minutes.

All info taken from the Time and Date website

The Lunar Eclipse and You
(please scroll to the end of the page for the Rainbow Horoscope of this event)

Like all major Transit an Eclipse of Sun or Moon has, first of all, an effect, weak or strong (depending on all sorts of factors) in the area of experience indicated by the House of your Birth Horoscope in which it is falling.
In this sense everybody is affected by Eclipses or Major Transits in some way. To have however a definite and calculable impact a Transit or Eclipse needs to be somehow closely aligned to the Sun, the Moon, a Planet or Angle in your Birth Chart. By alignment I mean any of the angles deemed significant by astrologers, in particular the Conjunctions (0°), Sextile (60°), Square (90°),Trines (120°), Inconjuncts (150°) and Oppositions (180°). The only way to establish these correlations, without generalizing too much, is to study your Birth Chart or having a qualified astrologer to look at it.

The importance of this Eclipse is not just due to its duration but also to the fact that other Planets, apart Sun and Moon, are directly involved with it, namely forceful Mars and unpredictable Uranus. Mars will be in fact close to the Moon by conjunction and, like the Moon, opposed to the Sun; while Uranus will be at 90 degrees challenging angle with Mars, as well the Moon and Sun!
Mars also happens to be relatively closer to planet Earth at this time, as well as ‘out of bounds’, exceeding its ‘normal’ declination (beyond the usual 23°), both factors tending to potentially increase its power over our earthly affairs. The combination of all these factors could be an explosive mix, bringing unexpected and radical events in our lives. Dealing creatively with anger, frustration and disappointments could prove difficult at this time because the line of least resistance is to give in to negative feelings and also to lash out at other people for their real or assumed part in our difficulties.Escalation of whatever has been put under wrap for a long time could bring either a great sense of relief and liberation, or , negatively, it could cause more pain if we cannot face the facts, acknowledge what really went wrong and what part we have played in it.

During this event Mars is also Retrograde and so are Mercury, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto. Revisiting the past, dealing with unfinished business and returning to old patterns of behavior we thought we had overcome could be some of the ways this multiple retrogradation will work out for some of us. The South Lunar Node is aligned to the Moon and Mars during the Eclipse another sign that whatever we are facing now has deep roots in the past, even a very distant one.

Let’s take a deep breath then, consider our reaction before it become problematic, be the observer as much as possible. The very positive side of this intense mix of Lunar Eclipse, Mars and Uranus could manifest into a shift of consciousness providing many of us with the courage and drive to clean up the cob webs of the past, discarding attitudes that have caused negative outcomes and trying to tackle our existential issues in ways perhaps we never tried before.

The Fixed Signs of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio are the ones that could be more directly affected by this Lunar Eclipse, especially if the 4th, 5th or 6th degrees of these Signs are highlighted in your Birth Horoscope. Because the nature of these Signs is wilful and stubborn there is here a need for everyone to be more flexible, open minded and tolerant. If your birthday falls on the day of the Eclipse, or one-two days before or after, this year could represent a turning point in your life and an emotional climax to remember.
The Horoscope of this Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse July 28 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse July 28 2018

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