Mars in Sagittarius, August 3 to September 27 2016

'Parsifal' by Jeanne Delville

‘Parsifal’ by Jeanne Delville

MARS re-entered Sagittarius on August 3, at 3.49 am after. It took a long time!

Mars entered Sagittarius earlier, on March 6 2016. The Stationary-Retro period began on April 17, between the 8th and 9th degree of Sagittarius. Mars then re-entered Scorpio on May 28; it became Stationary-Direct on June 28, on the 23rd degree of Scorpio, and Direct on July First, leaving Scorpio for good only on August 3.

Mars direct in Sagittarius (August-September 27) could propel many of us into new adventures, physical and of the mind. Time to explore, travel, learn, take risks, get into action, especially if you were born a Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and/or the other Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces). Also the other Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra) could find great stimulation from this transit.

The risk would be to overdue it, to stretch to the limit our inner and outer resources, thus becoming ineffectual and un-grounded. Beware also of the self-righteous, holier than you attitude that could be fanned by this transit of Mars.

Mars will form some difficult angles with Chiron in Pisces (square on August 16), with Saturn (conjunction on August 24), with Neptune (square on August 26), with the Lunar Nodes (square on August 30). At these times we could all take extra caution, curbing impulsiveness and avoiding energy dissipating confrontations.

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