Sagittarius Full Moon at one of the year’s turning points, the Cancer Solstice

Helga Hornung

Vogelfreund = Bird Lover by Helga Hornung

This year we are having two FULL MOONS in SAGITTARIUS, one was on May 22, on the first degree, while the second will be on the last degree of the Sign on June 20. It is significant in these times of intense ideological clashes for the Sign of philosophy and beliefs to be highlighted in such a way, also considering that mighty Saturn is transiting the Sign until the end of 2017.

The second upcoming Full Moon happens also at the time of the Winter/Summer Cancer Solstice (depending where you are  in the world), the beginning of a new season, not just climatically but also psychologically for all of us. This could be a turning point for many, changing our awareness about a lot of things, hopefully helping us to shift rigid and outdated beliefs to embrace more idealistic and inclusive ones.  The worst would be to give in to cynicism, a very real danger while pragmatic and conservative Saturn transits the Sign of dreams and hope. Let’s make this instead a progressive transit, where realism meets idealism and we begin building a better world.

I know it is hard to remain optimistic in this terribly divisive climate, but really we don’t have a choice, unless we are prepared to give in to the forces of hate and embrace ideologies of war. Saturn in Sagittarius, still at right angle to Jupiter and Neptune (in opposition to each other) is a truly amazing symbol of what is at stake. We need to overcome ingrained prejudices about people different than our selves, because of their nationality, creed or skin colour. We need to be more tolerant and compassionate, and also to take care of the practical needs of people who find themselves discriminated, isolated, rejected, homeless, etc. etc. Actually embracing the practical side of things, the day to day things we can all do to help, in our little way (Jupiter in Virgo), is more than ever important now, to avoid the ideological divide that is splitting our world apart and that could escalate in a more global war.

Neptune in Pisces for few more years (until 2025/26)  is a promise that a more compassionate, inclusive, spiritual world view is at hand if we, individually and collectively, give it a chance.

I will hopefully find more time to discuss in greater depth this all important Sagittarius Full Moon at Solstice time. Cheers.

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