The Astrology of Prince

Prince Photo

Here is a belated post on Prince who passed away at the age of 58 on April 21 2016, of an accidental overdose of opiates. I may add to this brief interpretation if I found the time.
Surprise surprise, Prince had his Ascendant in sexy deep magnetic Scorpio!

His Sun and Mercury were in witty social Gemini; the Moon in dreamy artistic escapist musical Pisces; Venus in sensual artistic musical Taurus; Mars in daring fiery passionate visionary Aries; Jupiter in fair artistic Libra; Saturn in adventurous and confident Sagittarius.

The Pisces Moon was opposing Pluto on the last degree of Leo, adding intensity and charisma to his personality (Mercury was also in difficult aspect to Pluto, the ‘try everything, at least once’ aspect).

Venus was opposing Neptune instead, reinforcing the escapist tendencies but also his universal appeal (the Moon was also aligned to Neptune by trine aspect). Venus was in challenging aspect to maverick Uranus, prompting Prince to push the limits in his emotional and social life, and also enhancing his inventiveness, uniqueness and true originality.

The Sun opposing Saturn shows issues with authority figures, especially older men, and compelling ambitions. The trine Sun-Jupiter bestows good fortune, popularity and money.

A very close positive alignment between Jupiter and Saturn helped him to rain in his unbound creativity and manifest it successfully on this earthly plane.

Here is his Natal Horoscope:

Prince Natal Horoscope

click to view larger image

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