Happy Birthday, Taurus: Sun will be in your Sign between April 20 and May 21



The TAURUS temperament

TAURUS, like all the FIXED SIGNS, is a ‘mid-season’s Sign’. These have to do with concentration of energy, producing strong minded people, with a lot of staying power and often inflexible will; this inflexibility perhaps the greatest obstacle in their spiritual journey.

Positively the Fixed Sign know how to preserve energy and to use to great advantage their inner resources and organizing abilities. Their stability is often a source of security for others who tend to lean on them.

Negatively they can be too lay back, lazy, wilful, stubborn, tyrannical, stagnant and reluctant to change, even when change is absolutely necessary or unavoidable.

TAURUS, being of the EARTH nature, is the most fixed of the Fixed Signs, and is well known for its will of iron. But it is also the most relaxed of the Earth Signs, capable of experiencing a sense of deep contentment and peace. Naturally contemplative it may attain to great concentration of thought and intensity of feelings.

Naturally artistic, capable and gifted with an innate aesthetic sense Taurus is the ideal mansion for the earthly form of Venus, this Sign’s Ruler, providing the fertile medium through which the Goddess can grant her gifts of love, pleasure, abundance and creativity. The love for nature is innate in Taurus, giving all of us pleasure in activities like gardening, landscaping, creating beautiful tactile objects of art and craftsmanship; relaxing in tranquil surrounding, eating nice food, listening to our favourite music, taking it easy.

In love Taurus is tender and sensual, capable of constant affections, but it needs to trust the complete loyalty of the other person not to become controlling, jealous and possessive. There is a serious side to Taurus in relationship, with a great capacity to make love a profound and committed experience.

If your natural sensuality and calm have been stifled or neglected lately this transit could be a great opportunity to make contact again with your own body and those simple pleasures that can make you feel happier with your lot. Such are the Taurus’ gifts of calm and contentment.

There are many ways to propitiate Taurus, while the Sun transit this Sign, becoming more aware of the deep roots that connect us to the planet and the physical plane, and also to our common humanity.

Taurus thrives on tradition. If you are cooking, for instance, chose some traditional dish or one that has been prepared in your family for generations. If you are an artist, try a traditional technique or style. If pottering in the garden put in some heirloom vegetable seeds or plant some old fashion roses or bulbs.

If you want to do a ritual at this time, make sure that your surroundings give justice to the natural environment, with offerings of fruits and flowers, and earthy, sensual scents.

TAURUS in the four spheres of existence

At the physical level the Earth Element gives Taurus a solid body, with strong sensual awareness and inborn knowledge of what brings comfort and a sense of wellbeing. This is true especially when this Sign is found on the Ascendant, even more so than when Taurus is your Sun or Moon Sign. A rigid, pessimistic mental/ emotional attitude can impair health, as can inhibitions which stop one from enjoying physical fulfilment and relaxation. It is important to become more fluid and supple, and to accept the healing touch of other human beings. On the other hand the tendency to overdo the pleasures, over-eating and drinking, even over-partying and over-sleeping is obviously not good and could cause obesity and/or life style issues like Type 2 Diabetes etc.

At the emotional level Taurus is cautious and reserved in its display of emotion looking for quality rather than show. This applies not just to people with Sun in Taurus but very much also to those who have the Moon and/or Venus in this Sign. It can achieve emotional contentment. But feelings of security often come from a sense of being in control. Slow to feel but constant. It can become emotionally greedy, unsympathetic, cynical, inclined to exchange material comfort for emotional fulfilment

At the mental level, especially if the Mind planet Mercury is found also in Taurus in your Birth Chart, this Sign is slow, deliberate, and reliable, with a very retentive memory. It can achieve great concentration, creating a solid picture in its mind eye. It needs to see causes and effects and strongly relies on tradition. It is mostly interested in practical subjects. It can be a very subtle, profound, methodical mind. But, negatively, narrow, intolerant, materialistic and rigid.

At the spiritual level Taurus, like all the Earth Signs, expresses spirituality by non attachment to material possessions and physical relationships. The evolved type always displays a well developed sense of duty and a sincere desire for selfless service. Earth is the upholder of ancient traditions, valuing rituals and ceremonials, and also purity, at the physical as well as psychic level. Task: renunciation of the fruits of all actions.

Relaxation, Meditation, Spiritual Devotion, Healing and all forms of hands-on therapy and natural techniques are activities that will go well with the Taurus energy. This Sign is well known for its natural healing powers, hence great masseurs and physiotherapists, doctors and nurses are born under Taurus, because these abilities are usually also accompanied by a calm and trustworthy temperament that people feel they can relax with and rely on.

Some Taureans have a marked interest in everything occult and in old traditions and sacred scriptures. Practices of devotion and beautiful heart-felt rituals, as well as contemplation and transcendental meditation are well suited to this relaxed and unhurried Sign.

Al Sufi Third Quarter of the 13th century



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