The Aries Equinox in the midst of the first Eclipse season of 2016

Statue of Zeus  - alias Jupiter- in the Bernini Fountain in Piazza Navona - Rome

Statue of Zeus – alias Jupiter- from the Bernini Fountain in Piazza Navona – Rome

Hi, the following is an extended version of an article published in the Uki Village News.

In Australia and NZ the 2016 Aries Equinox fell on March 20, opening the astrological autumn in the midst of an Eclipse Season. The Lunar Eclipse, at the Libra Full Moon of March 23, was very much a mirror reflection of the one we witnessed in September 2015, with Sun and Moon in opposite Signs. This mirroring effect could be found as well all over the Chart of the Equinox. The Equinox itself is always a time when the world strives to find equilibrium between Dark and Light, the Earth illumined in the same measure on both hemispheres; a time during which we are more inclined to reflect on our relationships, what we project on others and others project on us, an opportunity to see more clearly the dynamics of these projections.

The major actors at play at the time of both the Equinox and Eclipse, and thus remaining active for the duration of the whole season are Jupiter and Saturn, planets respectively of expansion and contraction, during this period fighting for supremacy in our personal lives and in the world at large.

Jupiter and Saturn are astrological counterparts of each other. Jupiter is calling for growth, increase, with future development and life improvement in mind, manifesting as hopeful optimism; while Saturn stands for our self-limiting tendencies, manifesting as careful realism or, negatively, fear of the future based on negative past experiences.  These two are at 90 degrees angle to each other, an ongoing transit, repeating this season while Jupiter is still moving retro in Virgo (the first pass of the same transit was in early August 2015 and the last will be at the end of May).  Jupiter enthusiasm and confidence are already somewhat stifled by the Sign this planet is in, Virgo being by nature a careful and realistic Sign. This doesn’t signify anything negative ‘per se’, but simply means that the planet is placed in a Sign not ideal to express the more open side of its energy. Saturn, on the other hand, is transiting Sagittarius, a Sign traditionally associated with Jupiter, fact that also indicates a general limitation of our more outgoing and extroverted tendencies.  It looks like as our ideals and aspirations will often clash with the necessities and duties imposed upon us by our everyday, practical living. Like in the last season is not a time for adventurous enterprise but rather for careful planning and economy. Work done now will certainly bring its reward later on, but the goals we envision may need more time to manifest and will come mainly from efforts and good will. We all need more patience and humility to use this dynamic energy constructively, avoiding frustrations.

The square Jupiter/Saturn is only one facet of a complex configuration which also involves Neptune-Chiron in Pisces, and, to a lesser extent, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. A positive angle between Jupiter and Pluto provides resourcefulness and the ability to tackle big projects with great confidence. Another harmonious angle between Saturn and Uranus provides the means to combine traditional well proven methods to implement innovative ideas, the old and the new working well together.

The fact that Jupiter in Virgo was perfectly aligned to the degree of the Pisces Solar Total Eclipse (conjunct the Ascending Node of the Moon), also in perfect opposition to Chiron, the Seeker and Healer of the planetary Pantheon, and just past its moment of maximum brilliance (Sun opposition) makes him, in my eye, the most important influence for this upcoming season.

Jupiter is now highlighting the best qualities of Virgo: purity, compassion, love for animals and nature, desire to be of service, a philosophy of life grounded in actions rather than nice words or wishful thinking.


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