Focus on the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 8/9 2016


12.54 pm (Australia EST) Total Eclipse of the Sun in Pisces, 18°55′,

sweeping west to east, from Sumatra to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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This is an ideal time to focus on your most inspiring and self-less dream. Imagine it in the minutest details, as much as you can. Imagine also the possible obstacles on your way to achieving it. Slowly and steadily work through them, seeking to transform them into opportunities.

Do not lose hope, while still trudging through the daily maze.

The Eclipse could reveal something important to you, an insight shifting your direction toward higher goals.


For my previous Post on the March 9 Solar Eclipse click HERE.

Navigate to this Page for a detailed description of the square aspect (right angle) between Jupiter and Saturn (active on/off until late May 2016, and one of the key factors at the March 9 Solar Eclipse).

For further study of the Jupiter-Saturn’s synodic cycle see this Post-Tutorial.

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