The first Solar Eclipse of 2016: New Moon in Pisces 18°55′ – March 8/9 – ‘Ora et Labora’

Orcagna; Eclipse, 1360sORA et LABORA,

combination of Contemplation and Action

The first Eclipse Season of 2016 is upon us. The Sun will be eclipsed at the New Moon in Pisces (March 9, 12.54 pm) and the Moon will be eclipsed at the Libra Full Moon (March 23, 11 pm). The times given are Australian Eastern Summer Time.

To check the visibility of this event please navigate to my March 2016 Stars over Wollumbin Page.

Traditional astrological texts often equate  Eclipses to evil omens. Some modern astrologers instead often promise the profoundest realizations and life changing experiences to everybody, thanks to the magic of Eclipses!

Perhaps, to stay on safe ground, we could regard Eclipses the same way we regard important transits; making them part of the bigger picture and not just isolated ‘special’ events. I consider an Eclipse (Sun or Moon) closely aligned to your Birth Chart as important as a transit of one of the slow Planets, catalyst of major life shifts.

One consideration to bear in mind is that Eclipses are very selective, strongly affecting some individuals while leaving others untouched. This is because only very close alignments manifest into tangible effects or significant emotional/mental experiences.

There is, of course, a general effect of Eclipses also, manifesting in many people as an heightening of sensitivity, more intense emotions and deeper insights, during this lunar month.  The Pisces Solar Eclipse suggests cleansing, purifying, making amends, forgiving, unifying, ending of cycles, moving on… The connection to Chiron (conjunction) suggests a time for healing old wounds, philosophically accepting things that cannot be changed.

For some people however the impact of the Eclipse could be truly memorable. They are those whose Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other important astrological placements in the Birth Chart happen to be aligned to the degree of the Eclipse (in conjunction, on the same degree, in opposition, 180 degrees apart, or in square, 90 degrees apart),  and mainly if the alignment is very close (one to one and half degrees apart from exactness).

This Solar Eclipse might affect you much more personally:

  • IF You are a Pisces born between March 7 and 10.
  • IF You are a Virgo born between September 9  and 12.
  • IF you are a Sagittarius born between  December 9  and 12.
  • IF you are a Gemini born between June 8 and 11.
  • IF in your Birth Chart you have the Moon, the Ascendant, the Mid-Heaven, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and/or the Lunar Nodes between the 17th and 20th degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini.

Let’s look now at this Eclipse from the points of view of each of the four Signs involved

PISCES alignment: Happy Birthday! Under the spell of this Eclipse this could possibly be a life-changing year for you. Dreams may come true if you are ready to put in the hard work, limiting your expansion to make your inspirations into viable stuff. Negatively you could dissipate physical, emotional, psychic energies if you don’t realize the balance between inspiration and doing. Suggestion and auto-suggestion can work very strongly for you, for good or ill, depending on the choices you make. The alignment with Chiron will make your experiences  more revealing and profound, connecting you with what needs healing within your psyche, so that even painful memories can eventually produce wisdom.

VIRGO alignment: the accent for you is on Jupiter: time to explore the greater world outside your picked fences, with renewed optimism and faith in better things to come. The meaning of life could be also found in the smallest things though. You will feel inspired but remain grounded through your duties and commitments. You could reap the fruit of your present labor later in the year, in May, June, July, when Jupiter in direct motion, will return to the same degree of the Eclipse.

The role of Retrograde Jupiter in Virgo cannot be underestimated because its yearly opposition to the Sun  coincides with the event. Its role will be, first of all, to magnify the effect of the Eclipse, Jupiter at its brightest during the opposition phase. It seems that what we aspire to , at present, is confronted with serious challenges from all directions. The way to navigate the situation is assuming a yielding but not lethargic and passive attitude, humbly continuing the work in hand without losing sight of the ultimate goal. When Jupiter  turns direct in May will retrace the same steps and eventually bring things to fruition (June/July). It will be worth waiting for.

SAGITTARIUS alignment: you are viewing the Eclipse from the saturnine angle, the short hand of the stick. Your longing for better things, for a less prosaic and humdrum life is often confronted by the present limitations, in the form of lack of resources but also lack of faith. Becoming more conscious of the your underlying, self-defeating pessimism would help to put things in truer perspective, when negative and positives balance each other (Jupiter square Saturn).

The role of Saturn in Sagittarius will be to slow down whatever is happening, in order to obtain more durable results and greater efficiency. Saturn is playing the part of the devil’s advocate here, the reductive, skeptical role, that could stop your dreams in their track. Positively however Saturn could help you find practical ways to upheld them.

GEMINI alignment: this Sign is indirectly aligned to the Eclipse, in some way combining and focusing the effect of all planetary energies involved, Sun, Moon, Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn.  Trying to remain detached and clear minded will be Gemini’s task, not easy in the intense circumstances of this Eclipse. Gemini could in fact feel, at one and the same time, the pull of Pisces toward creativity, fluidity, ease, the push of Virgo toward responsibility and duty, the tendency of Jupiter to strive toward the future and of Saturn to look upon the past for guidance. Good luck!

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