March 2016 astrological updates: All Transits, Moon Phases, Astro-calendar, Ephemeris etc.

This is a note to all my readers and, in particular, the subscribers to my site.

I have updated all the astrological information today to cover the month of March 2016.

Due to recent changes to my site’s layout my subscribers have recently received daily emails with the updated Sunrise Horoscope. I have now changed that, feeling that some may get annoyed by a daily email. I will still update daily, including the Sunrise Horoscope post, but the subscribers will receive a link to the Sunrise Horoscope only once a week or so.

If you like to check the daily updates, please bookmark my site on your browser or visit my Facebook Page. Of course you will still receive a link to any new post published in Living Moon Astrology, apart from the daily updates. Thank you.

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