June/July 2014 Transits’ Summary

Fernando Botero The Dancers

The Dancers by Fernando Botero
larger than life like Jupiter in Leo
(entering July 16 2014)
click to view larger image

This article has been  published in the ‘Uki News’ 77th issue for June/July 2014.

The first astrological event I like to mention is the return to direct motion of Mars in Libra, on 20 May, after being retrograde since the beginning of March. If the planet of action and enterprise has hold you back from doing what you want and need to do, the next few months will be the time to try again, with renewed energy and a clearer sense of direction. Until 26 July, when Mars will enter Scorpio, the Signs directly affected by this transit will still be Libra-Aries-Cancer-Capricorn.

In April/ May Mars became embroiled in the most important and difficult configuration of transits of the present time, activating, with the help of Jupiter, the ongoing Uranus-Pluto’s square, while an impressive eclipse season was on! We have in fact witnessed an exhalation of extreme events around the world and also in many people’s private lives. The same configuration has also brought some positive outcomes though, an example: the victory of grassroots power over corporate greed in the ‘Metagasco versus the people’ saga. The most severe effects of this planetary configuration should be easing in June and July, now that Jupiter, always a magnifying influence, has moved away from it. Mars however will again form difficult angles to Pluto-Uranus (90-180 degrees), mid to end of June. At the same time Venus in Taurus will reach her yearly opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. More stress could be felt in our relationships with the need to be realistic rather than romantic, and also more honest and independent, as Pluto-Uranus demand, particularly people whose Birth Charts show an emphasis on the Fixed Signs (Taurus-Scorpio-Leo-Aquarius).

The Sun will also align to Uranus-Pluto in early July (4to9), another period to watch for some extreme events and intense personal experiences-realizations.

Little Mercury has entered the Sign of Cancer on 29 May but will go through another period of retro motion (7June-1 July), re-entering Gemini on 17 June, a time during which carefulness in communication and all financial dealings will be a must, to avoid misunderstanding and all sort of unforeseen troubles.

The last but not least piece of news is the entrance of giant Jupiter into the Sign of Leo on 16 July, after one year in Cancer, opening many new doors of opportunity and increasing self esteem and optimism for Leo in particular and also the other Fire Signs (Aries-Sagittarius), while challenging the Fixed Signs of Aquarius-Taurus-Scorpio to get more out of life by being more hopeful and taking some risks. This Jupiter’s Leo journey will last a whole year.

Enjoy your transit: with my Ascendant and Venus in Leo I certainly hope I will!

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