Venus in Taurus, in the light of the general transits active in March 2012

Venus will transit her own Sign of Taurus from March 5 to April 4 2012. This is good news, in the area of relationships, finance and general well being, for people whose Natal Charts have emphasis on Taurus, especially, and also the other two Earth Signs, Virgo and Capricorn, by harmonious trine aspect. This Venus could as well bring some positive developments to Pisces and Cancer (by sextile aspect). Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius will be touched by the hand of the Goddess too, but her contact will prove somewhat more problematic and intense for them (opposition and square aspects). You will feel the Venus’ effect sometimes this month if your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, any planet, or one of the four Angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven, Lower-Heaven) were in any of the above Signs in your Birth Chart.

Since antiquity Taurus has been considered the ideal mansion for the earthly form of Venus, providing the fertile medium through which the Goddess can grant her gifts of love, pleasure, abundance and creativity.

We tend to take life more easy when Venus transits Taurus. We may want to make time to enjoy our surroundings and to become more keenly aware of our physical responses. If your natural sensuality and calm have been stifled or neglected lately this transit could be a great opportunity to make contact again with your own body and those simple pleasures that can make you feel happier with your lot. Such are the Taurus’ gifts of calm and contentment.

The lure of love and romance could be intensely felt by some, while there is a danger of becoming too attached to the object of your desires, or emotionally too entangled for your own good (especially possible for Taurus, Scorpio and Leo). On a more positive note relationships that begin now could be lasting and reliable ones, also sensually fulfilling, Taurus being a Fixed, loyal and affectionate Sign. There is a serious side to this Venus, in her capacity to make love a profound and committed experience.

To others it could bring back their love for nature, and of activities like gardening, landscaping, creating beautiful tactile objects of art and craftsmanship; relaxing in tranquil surrounding, eating nice food, listening to your favorite music, taking it easy.

Many ways to propitiate the Goddess

There are many ways to propitiate this Goddess, who in her Taurus incarnation every year is prompting us to become more aware of the deep roots that connect us to the planet and the physical plane, and also to our common humanity.

Taurus thrives on tradition. If you are cooking, for instance, chose some traditional dish or one that has been prepared in your family for generations. If you are an artist, try a traditional technique or style, a Raphael rather than a Jackson Pollock. If pottering in the garden put in some heirloom vegetable seeds or plant some old fashion roses or bulbs.

If you want to do a ritual at this time, in honor of the Goddess, make sure that your surroundings give justice to the natural environment, with offerings of fruits and flowers, and earthy, sensual scents.

As I remarked in a previous post on Venus’ transit through Taurus: “Relaxation, meditation, spiritual devotion and rituals, all forms of hands-on therapy and natural healing techniques are activities that will go well with this Venus energy … Taurus is well known as a Sign with natural healing powers...”

A possible negative outcome of this transits is to produce a too lay back and lazy attitude, with a tendency to overdo the pleasures, over-eating and drinking, over-partying or over-sleeping! Not to enjoy some of the bounties of Venus in Taurus would be a pity though. If you can take some time off and just enjoy being, loving and celebrating life, do it while the transit lasts.

The bigger astrological picture for March 2012

So far I have looked at the Taurus’ transit of Venus in isolation. But, while Venus placidly glides through this Earth Sign, the Sun, Moon and Planets continue their complex dance, not always in tune with Taurus’ content and contemplative spirit.

The transit of Venus in Taurus is in fact a timely event, hopefully helping us to remain steady and stay grounded during a period that could otherwise be open to conflicts, presenting a rather charged planetary environment, especially early and late in the month of March.

Early March

Sun opposition to Mars

We should remember that on March 3 the Sun formed his yearly opposition to Mars, aspect that always enhances the power of the red Planet, for good or ill, more often than not making conflicts come out into the open, disagreements to become more polarized and difficult to reconcile.

Physically this means that the planet Mars has reached now his greatest distance from the Sun, 180 degrees, and also its greatest brilliance, being now one of the best celestial bodies to observe in the night sky. Look out for a clearly red glowing star already well above the eastern horizon after sunset and climbing the sky for the rest of the night.

Mercury in Aries

The ingress of Mercury into Aries, Mars’ own Sign, a day early, on March 2, will keep us mentally more belligerent too, ready to get into an argument for the sake of winning it, until March 24, when Mercury will return to Pisces in Retrogradation (Mercury will begin his retro motion through Aries on March 12). Watch out for angry and hurtful words coming out of your mouth and the mouths of others, of course.

Venus’ soothing transits and the Virgo Full Moon

Venus’ steady Taurus glow will help via a beautiful sextile to Neptune in Pisces, on March 6, enhancing the urge for forgiveness and compassion, and also for imagination and creativity. And, on March 11, Venus will form the same harmonious aspect with Chiron in Pisces, a strong healing energy to help us accepting what we cannot change and smiling rather than frowning at our fate.

In between the contacts just described the Goddess will reach a distance of 45 degrees from the Sun, one/eighth of the whole Zodiacal Circle, on March 8, day of the Virgo Full Moon. This means that Venus will also form a sesqui-square aspect with the Moon, making relationships an ideal medium to reveal unconscious feelings to our conscious self, but not without some difficulties (semi-square and sesqui-square aspects). Avoiding excessive criticism and nit picking (Virgo Moon), remaining relaxed and cooperative (Taurus Venus) will help all of us to manifest the more compassionate and loving traits of Pisces (Sun). 

Venus is steadily separating from the Sun. She will reach maximum elongation and maximum brilliance on March 27.

The middle of the month is preparing to be one of exceptional planetary configurations, all happening between March 12 and 16, and active few days before and after these dates. Venus is involved in some of these cosmic events too.

The middle of March, Mercury Retrograde

Mercury begins moving retrograde on March 12, marking a time of greater introspection, during which we will be called to reflect on our visions and the ideas we are always prepared to fiercely defend from external attack; an opportunity to mentally slow down, and to be patient. This could be either frustrating or refreshing, depending very much on how you take it. Computers, cars, printers, photocopiers, gadgets of all sorts break down or mysteriously stop working during a Mercury Retrograde period because we need then to observe our restlessness and slow the pace of life and thought.

Jupiter trine Pluto

On March 14 a big event: the last pass of Jupiter’s trine Pluto (Taurus/Capricorn), the aspect that, in my mind, has helped more than any other, so far, to counteract the negative effects of the transit of Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is still helping to drive Pluto’s intense energy into creative and inspired channels, giving meaning to our experiences of change, even those that challenge our desire for security.

Venus and Mars will act as catalysts to this major transit, at this time, with Venus forming a conjunction to Jupiter and trines to Pluto and Mars, and Mars a trine to Jupiter, all exact on March 14. We may find ourselves more resourceful and energetic than usual, combining effort and pleasure in clearing the way for new and exciting development in our life, in particular our relationships.

This mid-March period will end with square aspects from Retro Mars to the two Lunar Nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini, showing that it is destined to be a period when we will need confrontations and strife to get where we want to go.

The visual conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on March 15

A close encounter between Venus and Jupiter in Taurus will take place on March 15, one of the most spectacular sky displays for the whole year. The two brightest planets of the Solar System are in fact already visually close in the western sky, after sunset, and will remain so until the end of the month, with Venus slowly separating from Jupiter after the conjunction, the latter plunging westward toward the setting Sun (Sun-Jupiter’s conjunction will occur in June in the Sign of Gemini). It should be easy to distinguish one from the other because Venus is visibly brighter.

This yearly encounter will bring some rather exciting and lucky turns of events especially for those Pisceans who celebrate their birthday between the 14 and 16 of March. To all of us this transit could encourage more optimistic feelings, a renewal of confidence in self and life; also the desire to have a break from work and routine, to travel or in some way explore a novel world of places and relationships,

The end of March Transits

The end of the month is again enlivened by some exciting but also potentially unsettling transits: Mercury Retrograde in early Aries will conjunct Uranus on March 19, and the Sun, in Aries from March 20, will also conjunct Uranus on March 25 and then square Pluto on March 30. The Inferior Conjunction of the Sun to Mercury will occur on March 22, on the first degree of Aries and will be very close to Uranus and to the square to Pluto too, indicating the possibility of sudden turns of events in the political, social and physical world. The desire for peace, beauty and relaxation of Venus in Taurus will then be again challenged by many contrary forces, helping us to stay grounded and focus on the essential amongst all the unsettling changes.

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