Meryl Streep’s Progressed Horoscopes for her 1980 and 1983 Oscars


I have recently posted an article and the relevant Charts for Meryl Streep, at the time she was awarded the third Oscar of her long career (view it HERE if interested).

In this post I am looking instead at her Progressed Horoscopes and Transits for the dates she received her two previous Oscars: April 14 1980, for the 1979’s movie ‘Kramer versus Kramer’; and April 11 1983, for the 1982’s movie ‘Sophie’s choice’.

Here is the first lot, for April 14 1980, the Progressed Horoscope followed by a tree-wheel Chart, with her Natal Chart in the inner wheel, the Progressions in the middle wheel and the Transits in the outer wheel. I wasn’t sure about the time the Oscar was actually awarded, so I used the same time as this year, 11.30 pm. I haven’t made any reference to the Transiting Ascendant or Mid-Heaven here, so the time chosen is not that important.

In 1980 her Progressed Sun had just entered a new Sign, the first Sign’s shift of her life, from Watery Cancer to Fiery Leo. The progressed Sun was that year also opposing Natal Jupiter in her Seventh House, an aspect of increase, general confidence and opportunities, that brought about the promise of fame and popularity of a Natal Jupiter in that position (finger of fate with Sun-Uranus and Saturn-Ceres’ conjunctions). She had just finished with her Transiting Virgo Saturn’s Return, so she was ready to take on new challenges and start a whole new phase in her career.

Auspicious transits on the day were the conjunction of Venus to Natal Mercury (see Venus on Mid-Heaven at the time of the 2012 Oscar); the conjunction of the Transiting Sun and Moon in Leo, just past the Leo New Moon, in her career sector (the Tenth Natal House): Transiting Jupiter on her Natal Saturn and Ceres and in sextile to her Natal Sun-Uranus’ conjunction; Transiting Mercury in square to Natal Sun-Uranus, opposition Natal Saturn-Ceres, and sextile Natal Jupiter; Transiting Neptune trine the Lunar North Node and sextile the Lunar South Node on her Natal Meridian axis (career and home) from her Natal Fifth House of creativity, drama and children (her first son was born in November 1979); etc, etc.

Turning my attention to the Secondary Progressions I noticed that for a few years, from 1979 to 1983 (the years she won her first two Oscars) Progressed Venus in late Leo traveled parallel with the Progressed Ascendant, becoming exactly conjunct with it in 1983.  The exact conjunction happened just as the Ascendant was moving into Virgo. Venus then slowly separated from the Ascendant, but she is still progressing through the First Natal House (in early Libra now).

In October 1982 Meryl had the second Progressed New Moon of her life, in Leo, in perfect conjunction to her Natal Ascendant in early Leo and opposition to Natal Jupiter in early Aquarius. The third Progressed New Moon, in Virgo this time, occurred instead in early 2012, about thirty years later, and she got a third Oscar! While the first Progressed New Moon occurred in the Sign of Cancer at a very young age, in 1953.

In the early 80s the very important Progressed Mars conjunction to her Natal Sun and Uranus was forming too, becoming exact in 1981, in between the two Oscars. Progressed Mercury in Leo (entered this Sign in March 1982) was also in trine with her Natal Chiron in Sagittarius then and conjunct the Progressed Sun and Moon as well!

Here is the second lots of Charts, for April 11 1983, again the Progressed Horoscope followed by a tree-wheel Chart, with her Natal Chart in the inner wheel, the Progressions in the middle wheel and the Transits in the outer wheel.

No time to delve deeper. If you have anything you would like to contribute, your comments are welcome.

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