Venus of mercy and grace, transiting Pisces from January 14 to February 8

The Water, Earth and Mutable Signs are the ones who will feel more keenly the passage of Venus through Pisces. Pisces in particular, of course, but also Cancer and Scorpio (via trine), Virgo (via opposition), Gemini and Sagittarius (via square), Capricorn and Taurus (via sextile). You don’t need to be born under these Sun Signs; it is enough if your Moon, any planet or Chart’s Angle (Ascendant etc.) were located in these Signs when you were born. At some point during this transit Venus will align with them bringing the briny scent of far away seas into your life.

This placement must be the epitome of the romantic Venus, soulful, dreamy, starry eyed, artistic, musical, easily led by sensual and aesthetic  stirrings, sometimes confused about the objects of her love, because at these times the world seems full of fascinating and intriguing people. There may be a tendency to idolize someone, seeing only his/her best traits and becoming selectively blind to their shortcomings. The worse scenario would be to become the victim of unreliable and domineering individuals who could take advantage of your present emotional vulnerability.

If you are in a steady relationship, and wants to keep it that way, this transit could be an opportunity to rekindle a tender flame  between you too. A vacation together will be great, just the two of you; or even dining out in a place special to you as a couple; or simply creating a romantic and sensual atmosphere at home, all things that will help you to feel passionate again, remembering why you were so attracted to each other in the first place. Venus in Pisces could also incline you to be more forgiving and tolerant of each other’s differences, letting past sorrows wash away.

On the other hand if you have been hiding away from love, too fearful to open up and take some emotional risk, this is the time to throw some of your cautions to the wind. Even if relationships you may start under the auspices of this Mermaid Venus may not pass the test of time they will help you to get in touch with emotions you perhaps thought you could not feel anymore.

If you are single and looking for love it should be easy enough to fall in love, a bit too easy in fact. To use some discrimination will be a must if you want to avoid being completely swept away by strong emotions which may not last, or give your trust to people who do not deserve it. You may regret it later, when things will go back to normal. But who can resist the lure of this bewitching Venus? Only forcibly stopping your ears and your heart you could make yourself immune to her powerful allure, like Ulysses did when he had himself tied with ropes and his companions’ ears plugged with wax while navigating the sea where the Mermaids were singing their hypnotic songs.

Artistically and spiritually I can’t think of a better Venus’ placement, combining human compassion with divine grace and inspiration. Traditionally we say that Venus is exalted in Pisces, the love, beauty and pleasure she embodies becoming in this Sign more universal than in any other.

As I remarked in a previous post, for the brief spell of three weeks, Venus in Pisces is also announcing the imminent passage of Neptune in the same Sign (on February 4), transit that will last instead for the next 14 years. While with Venus in Pisces we become more aware of  the need for forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love in our personal relationships, the long transit of Neptune in Pisces will make us more aware of the same need at a collective and universal level.

Here is a list of the major transits of Venus while in Pisces. Usually Venus’ transits last an average of two to three days, unless it is the Moon forming a transit to Venus, all lunar aspects lasting only a few hours.

January 16: Venus is conjunct Chiron on the second degree of Pisces. Positively this is a strong healing energy, with love proving its power to heal the deepest wounds. Negatively this transit could make us feel inadequate and unlovable because of unresolved or unresolvable hurts from the past.

January 21: Venus is sextile Pluto in Capricorn (06 degree). This is a passionate aspect, awakening depth of feelings that could be fascinating but a bit scary.

January 27: the Crescent Moon conjunct Venus, a visible transit, not to be missed in the early evening sky, looking west. Today we can best express our caring feelings for family and loved ones, putting others first and enjoying acts of giving.

January 29 to 31: Venus moving from a semi-square to Jupiter in Taurus to a semi-square to Mercury in Aquarius (the two forming a mutual square); the Moon transiting Taurus on the 31st making these aspects more active. Some difficulties, misunderstanding, stubbornness stopping the easy flow of feeling that is the most precious gift of this watery Venus. Around the same time though Venus will also be passing by Vesta, Goddess of the temple’s fire, helping us to keep what is essential in focus.

February 2: Venus is in opposition to Retrograde Mars in Virgo. This aspect could excite our senses, making us more sensitive to all forms of desire. This is the archetypal feminine versus masculine aspect, with all its positive and negative implications. It is also a transit that could be used creatively or practically to accomplish much in a short period of time.



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