Happy festive season to everyone, close and far

Kleiner Himmelsbote, the little angel, courtesy of Helga Hornung ~ http://www.helga-hornung.de/ ~ Apology for mistaking title earlier.

Yesterday, December 15, I had put at the back of my mind the fact that Mercury was turning Direct, after two days of Station, just before one pm, my local time. Maybe the amnesia was a convenient way to avoid to worry about writing a post about it!

In the last two weeks my partner and I have experienced endless problems with the car, all too typical of Mercury’s Retrogradation, especially for Mercurial people. Those issues impaired gravely our mobility, as we live far from everything. At the same time the bookshop I’m running in the village did hardly make enough money to pay for the bus trip here. I was honestly worried about how bad it was going to be during the approaching Christmas school holidays, always the worst time of the year for the bookshop. It is too hot to read, there are too many other expenses, and the kids now at home want to be costly entertained (no more little Jimmy and Tess going fishing or crabbing with their friends).

Then on the 15, Thursday, something changed. People were in and out of the shop and buying, not just browsing as it often happens. Not only the shop made a good profit, but three people booked for readings. Out of the blue I also received some $ percentage for web stuff I’ve been doing for an artist  friend.

So our fortunes suddenly turned. Looking back at the day, few hours later, I realized that the change happened just as Mercury was finishing his u-turn on the fourth degree of Sagittarius, at 12.42 pm (cusp of my Natal Fifth House).

Mercury will be soon reappearing as a Morning Star, rising before sunrise, and bringing with him a more outgoing mental energy, future oriented and optimistic.

Well then, let’s hope this passage to be an auspicious time for all of us, full of positive and not gloomy visions of the future. Mercury in Sagittarius will end only on January 8, two days after the Epiphany, the day that traditionally closes the festive season.

At present lots of people are experiencing strong feelings of expectation. These, in some, amounts to anxiety; and in others even to dread, due to the large apocalyptic literature and web materials that, thriving since the beginning of the new Millennium, are now reaching a climax with the 2012 bandwagon many are following.

In my readings this year (now that we all need to look more closely at the upcoming big transits) I have been encouraging my clients and friends, as well as myself, to look at what will be extremely positive about the 2012 transits. We could in fact look at these life-changing events as at those street theatrical performances where the spectators are invited to participate and not just sit there in passive entrancement. The upcoming transits are going to demand our conscious human participation in order to bring the desired results; they could otherwise seem to have come just to punish us for our negligence and sins of omission. This is not time for passivity and indifference. I am thinking here of the Retrogradation of Mars in Virgo, the long awaited Uranus square Pluto, as well as Pluto sextile Chiron, Neptune entering Pisces, Jupiter entering Gemini and Saturn moving into Scorpio, all happening in 2012. The Arab Spring, the occupy Wall Street movement, the ecological war many are waging against the powers of inertia are not passive at all. Grassroots participation and personal involvement have reached historical proportions. This is for sure bigger than 1969!

Much of what we believed then and fought for has shown many failings in the intervening years, often clashing dramatically with the reality we had to adapt to. The spirit that imbued that time though still lives in the heart of those who have kept some of the early visions alive in their everyday life, still striving to live by the principles that moved them during that critical time of change.

In future the present will be remembered as a heroic time, when people had their voices heard, where the Age of Aquarius truly kicked in, thanks to the amazing technological developments that are transforming the world into a real Global Village; when radical changes to the structure of our societies are profoundly affecting the way we relate to each other, the way we work, learn and pass on our knowledge.

The transits indicate huge challenges, individually and collectively, that are also great opportunities for healing the rift between our material and spiritual needs, if we learn to handle those high voltage energies (in particular from Uranus and Pluto) in a creative rather than destructive way.

2 Responses to “Happy festive season to everyone, close and far”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Good information for those all around the world!

  2. Paul Whitcomb Says:

    I am particularly interested in Pluto sextile Chiron as a lens to magnify the healing energy that many of us are sending to mother Earth.

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