Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, November 24 to December 15

The retrogradation of Mercury is a mystery and you are the only one who can unravel it!

There is no given formula for the way Mercury Retrograde is going to impact on your life. Each Birth Chart will experience this phase in its own peculiar way.

We can derive some general guidelines from the Sign position of Mercury and his aspects, though; these will apply in a general sense to everyone, and, in particular, to those Sagittarius born between November 25 and December 15; Gemini born Between May 24 and June 11; Virgo born between August 26 and September 13; Pisces born between February 21 and March 11; or anyone with the Moon, Birth Chart’s angles and/or planets between the third and twentieth degree of the same Signs.

When Direct, Mercury in Sagittarius indicates a mentally outgoing and adventurous period, when we can all dare to express grand ideas and cultivate more optimistic views. Travel could be very attractive and interaction with a great number of people more likely. When Mercury slows down, becoming first Stationary and then Retrograde in Sagittarius (November 24 to December 15, including Stationary days), a need will surface instead to retrace one’s steps, becoming more critical of easy optimistic views, re-thinking travel plans, or simply finding that your plans, for travel or any other activities, have to be changed for reasons over which you have no control.

With Mercury in Sagittarius we may all feel more ‘right’ than usual, showing less propensity to listen to other people’s views, deeming them not as sound or far reaching as our own. Disputes on points of moral or belief could go on well into the night during the coming three weeks.

It is not all gloom and doom however: Sagittarius is the Sign of Philosophy, moving on the high avenues of the intellect. When Retrograded in this Sign Mercury can reach heights difficult to achieve during the Direct period when it is less easy to be introspective.

The major aspects formed by Mercury during this period will become exact around December 4 and 5, when Mercury will reach a right angle to Mars in Virgo, a semi-square (45 degrees angle) to Saturn in late Libra, and, most importantly, a conjunction with the Sun. These aspect will permeate the whole week around these dates.

The square to Mars will increase the heat of any conversation and expression of viewpoints, Virgo adding the knack for criticism and nitpicking. If not careful we may get lost in endless diatribes on semantic points of not real importance.

The semi-square to Saturn (Mars involved in the configuration as well) could foster a tendency to interpret words and ideas we share with a touch of pessimism, perhaps having a positive sobering effect on Sagittarius’ flamboyant self-righteousness, but exacerbating Virgo’s critical attitude.

The conjunction with the Sun (Inferior conjunction) is part of the overall Mercury/Sun’s cycle. Our Little Brother is changing roles, from Evening Star to Morning Star. The Inferior Conjunction represents the start of a new Mercury’s cycle, promising a more outgoing and optimistic mental outlook, especially by the time Mercury will turn Direct in mid-December.

For more on the meaning and mechanics of Mercury’s Retrogradation please visit this early Post.

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