Leonids Meteor Shower’s peak

I Re-post the following here to remind my readers and myself that tonight and tomorrow night will be peak time for the Leonids Meteor Shower.

Click HERE to read the complete Stars over Wollumbin post for November 2011.

A great interactive site to experience the marvels of the Solar System can be found HERE. Very neat.

The Leonid Shower can be active between November 13 and 20, reaching its peak on November 17/18. This shower displays 25 to 40 meteors per hour, usually not very bright, but prone to occasional outbursts (meteors’ storms).

Best time for viewing the Leonids will be after 3 am. The Last Quarter Moon, on November 17/18 may actually hinder this shower’s view, the Moon transiting in between the front paws of the celestial lion on the night of the 18th, just above Mars and Regulus. Great for finding Mars and Regulus, not so great for the shooting stars.

The sky-scape below was taken via Stellarium on November 17, around 4 am, looking North-East.

click to view larger image

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