Transits September to December 2011


Apollo’s Chariot by Odilon Redon

Welcome to my thoughts for this Equinox season, September to December 2011. Here are some of the highlights, for the slower moving planets:

Pluto is ending his retro period on September 17, plodding along Capricorn, between degree 4 and 7, up to the end of the year.

Neptune has now returned to Aquarius and will continue transiting the last two degrees of this Sign until early February 2012.

Uranus is now retreating through Aries, in retro motion until December 10, between the 3rd and naught degree, still shy of the upcoming square to Pluto in Capricorn, that will become exact only in June 2012, but was very close recently.

Chiron will be turning Direct, like Neptune, in November, still transiting the first two degrees of Pisces.

Saturn will reach the last degree of Libra at the end of this season, but it will not be leaving Libra yet, becoming retrograde in early 2012 and thus entering Scorpio only in October 2012.

Jupiter continues his yearly transit through Taurus, in retro motion during the period under consideration, between degree 10 and naught of Taurus, forming the only significant outer planets’ transit for the season, the second pass of the trine to Pluto in Capricorn, exact on October 29. The third and last pass of this important transit will not be until March 2012. Jupiter will turn Direct on December 26.

Here are the Charts of the Sun ingress into Libra in September and Capricorn in December 2011, calculated for the coordinates of Canberra, Australian national capital.

Sun ingress into Libra, September 23, 2011

Sun ingress into Capricorn, December 22, 2011

Focus on Jupiter and Pluto

This season Jupiter continues his transit in Taurus that will end in June 2012. The giant planet is moving in retro motion, at present, forming the only significant outer planets’ transit for the season, the trine to Pluto in Capricorn, exact on October 29. This is the second time the two cosmic brothers exchange energies this year; the first pass of this Transit exact in July 2011 and the third scheduled for March 2012. Jupiter will turn Direct on December 26.

I’ll discuss the possible negative implications of the Jupiter-Pluto’s contact first.

Despite the mild reputation of the trine aspect, often not well deserved in my experience, the connection of Jupiter and Pluto in conservative Earth Signs could foster fanatical and extremist views on all sides of the political and social spectrum, worsening sectarian conflicts around the world.

Jupiter self-righteousness (the “God is on our side’ syndrome) combined with Pluto’s ruthless lust for power could cause explosive and dangerous situations to erupt. And not just in a symbolic way. Because Earth Signs are involved we could also experience a greater than average numbers of earth tremors and volcanic activities.

Positively this Transit could inspire passion for higher causes, broadening the collective’s views (Jupiter) on the management of natural resources and sustainability issues (Pluto). The power to effect social changes could be amplified. This Transit, with other becoming exact next year, will ensure the continuation and deepening of the civil unrest and bloody repressions that started in the Middle East earlier this year and has since spread in many other countries, assuming an individualized national identity in each. The Jupiter-Pluto’s trine is making its contribution to this revolutionary era, rekindling our collective desire for justice (Jupiter) against all abuses of power (Pluto).

The individuals more likely to experience this long lasting Transit in a personal way are, naturally, some Taurus (Apr.23/27) and Capricorn (Dec.25/29).  Also Scorpio (Oct.27/31), Cancer (Jun.24/28), Leo (Jul.26/30), Aquarius (Jan.24/28), Aries (Mar.24/28), Libra (Sep.26/30), and Virgo (Aug.26/30). Or anyone with the Moon, one of the Angles and/or Planets around the fifth degree of the same Signs.

At the personal level  a more open and far seeing attitude toward old traumas and the psychological problems derived from them could help you find ways out of the old impasse.  Jupiter will encourage to tackle these problems with confidence and the belief that they can be mastered once we penetrate their meaning.

Alan Oken in ‘The Road and its Travellers’ describes the trine Jupiter-Pluto as the seer’s aspect, Pluto enhancing Jupiter’s questing spirit with the commitment to go beyond appearances; as Oken puts it: ‘to dig deep for the truth.’ Because Jupiter’s function is to make us realize our best potentials, and Pluto is the guardian of profound truths within the psyche their connection at this time could represent an enormous opportunity to shed light  and make sense of some inner truths, personally and collectively.

To some lucky ones the trine Jupiter-Pluto could be the gate to a religious or spiritual rebirth, when it becomes possible to believe the impossible and opposites can be reconciled.

The Solar transits

The fact that the trine Jupiter-Pluto is the only mutual aspect between the slow moving destiny-makers does not mean that the season will be astrologically uneventful. While transiting Libra and Scorpio the Sun will in fact form vital connections with Uranus in Aries (opposition), Saturn in Libra (conjunction) and Jupiter in Taurus (opposition), all significant events.

In the following paragraphs, when I talk about areas of experience, I’m referring to the astrological Houses, twelve divisions of the inner wheel of the Horoscope, whose position is determined by the time of birth (or, in Sunrise and Midday Charts by these relative times).  With your own Birth Chart in hand you can easily plot the journey of any transiting body through your ‘Houses’, thus identifying the areas of experience stimulated by each transit.

Considered in this way even the relatively speedy transits of the Sun assume great importance, shaping our lives from season to season, in an ever returning cycle, the one that was set at the moment of birth.

If the Solar Transits discussed here chance to happen around your birthday they are likely to produce a greater effect, and also to carry this effect over to the next twelve months for you.

Other birthday people, aligned by opposition or 90 degrees angle to these Solar Transits (dates given) will feel their effect instead for a week or so before and after the exact aspect.

Sun in opposition to Uranus

The Sun’s opposition to Uranus, on September 26, will highlight those areas of our lives that are in need of reforming. We will have to make adjustments in these areas, to accommodate the new. Or, negatively, we could be made to face unexpected situations, erratic states of mind, disruptive relationships, or profound aloneness, all unwelcome Uranian experiences.

The most likely recipients of this solar transit will be some Libra (Sep.24/28) Aries (Mar.21/25), Cancer (Jun.21/25), and Capricorn (Dec.22/26); or anyone with the Moon, one of the Angles and/or Planets around the second degree of the above Signs.

We will all have the Sun opposition Uranus somewhere, in opposite hemispheres, in our Birth Charts, showing where the wind of change will blow for each one of us this season. In this sense Astrology cannot be unduly generalised, as is commonly done in Sun signs columns. The same transit can affect in very different ways, for instance, two people born under the same Sun or Moon Signs, or indeed under identical planetary placements, but with a different hemispherical emphasis (Houses’ positions). The time of birth establishes this emphasis, so important to assess the possible impact on a specific individual of any past, present and future transit.

Sun conjunct Saturn

On October 14 the conjunction of the Sun to Saturn in Libra will highlight instead the area of our Birth Charts that needs strengthening, structuring, working harder at, being disciplined and organized about, in order to achieve positive and lasting results. The place of this conjunction will also show where we would do well to be especially cautious, responsible and practical.

Negatively, all transits involving Saturn can manifest in morbid states of depression, and general low libido, especially if we choice to or are forced to remain inactive.

Work is often the best antidote to Saturn’s blues. Not the kind of work that is deadening, meaningless routine, though, but rather work that can provide a sense of personal achievement, reinforcing a healthy self-esteem.  If such a work is available to you, solid foundations for future developments may be made ready with the help of this transit.

In direct alignment with this aspect are, of course, Libra (Oct.12/16), Aries (Apr.8/12), Cancer (Jul.10/14), and Capricorn (Jan.8/12). Or anyone with the Moon, one of the Angles and/or Planets around the twentieth degree of the same Signs.

Sun in opposition to Jupiter

On October 29, few days after entering Scorpio, the Sun will reach his once every thirteen months opposition to Jupiter, this year in Taurus. This transit will draw attention to those areas that could benefit from a broader, more optimistic outlook and some risk taking activities. It will also show the possibility of self-inflation in the same areas, when our expectations and hopes (Jupiter) may exceed what is really possible.

What will make the Sun-Jupiter’s opposition more influential is the fact that, on the same day, October 29, Jupiter will also form the second pass (in retrogradation) of his trine (120 degrees angle) to Pluto in Capricorn, aspect. Meanwhile the Sun will also form a perfect sextile (60 degrees angle) to Pluto.

The opposition then is really part of a configuration involving mutual aspects between the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto. Astrologers call this type of configuration an ‘Easy Opposition’, because the planet that receives the harmonious trine from one side of the opposition and the harmonious sextile from the other side (in this case Pluto) should act as a mediator, reconciling the differences the opposition always tends to stress.

So, while the Sun-Jupiter’s connections suggests that there is room for improvement in some areas, the connection of both to ponderous Pluto will make the changes needed much more radical, with the type of wholehearted commitment that Pluto can provide. The House transited by Pluto may reveal where a true regeneration of energies can take place in your life.

We need to remember that the Sun’s function, according to Astrology, is to make conscious any Sign or Planet he touches, to enhance awareness in general. Jupiter’s function, on the other hand, is to expand the scope of every experience, seeking its meaning in the larger scheme of things. And finally Pluto’s function is to get to the core of every experience, living it fully, to ultimately gaining a sense of personal empowerment from it.

The birthdays given at the end of the Jupiter-Pluto’s section are also valid recipients of this Solar Transit.

Mars transiting Leo and Virgo

When Mars moves Sign, every two months or so, a shift occurs in the way we act out our desires, assert ourselves and defend ourselves from real or imagined dangers. Naturally people with different planetary placements in their Birth Charts will respond to Mars’ changing energy in their own individual way.

Mars will be in the Fire Sign of Leo between September 19 and November 11, promising an exciting period, at times too exciting perhaps, for all Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius; in a milder way, also for all Aries and Sagittarius.

Mars in Leo provides the type of energy that can be spontaneously channelled into creative activities. The energy should be high and focused. Brightness and warmth accompany this placement when found in a Birth Chart. Collectively also this Mars’ position can provide added warmth, brilliance and passion to everyone’s life.

On November 11 Mars will begin transiting the Earth Sign of Virgo, energetically a big change from Leo. The transit in Virgo is an important one because it will last a long time, due to retrogradation. Mars will in fact turn retrograde in Virgo on January 23 2012 and enter the next Sign of Libra only in early July 2012.

The long stay of Mars in Virgo will give everyone the opportunity to put some order into life’s clutter and chaos. Virgo Mars provides in fact the sort of energy that is better deployed for practical pursuits and all activities that demand attention to details and extra discrimination. Negatively Mars in this Sign could make us all a bit more critical of each other and also self critical, aspect that could stop many to achieve their potential for fear of failure or ridicule.

The Virgo Mars period will be particularly active and productive for all Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius, but not without some difficult and frustrating moments. The Signs of Capricorn and Taurus will get the more positive effect from this long transit.

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