Camilla Parker Bowles and the Descending Node Eclipse Season, June/July 2011

In a previous post I tried to fathom the possible connection between the Birth Chart of the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and the Descending Node Eclipse Season of June/July 2011.  Here I am attempting the same with the Birth Chart of Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall.

I have chosen her Chart because it will be activated by all the three Eclipses this season, two Solar and one Lunar.

This rare event could affect her life in important ways, for months and even years to come.

As with Julia Gillard here too we see not only Eclipses in action, but also some significant Transits and Progressions.

Camilla Parker Bowles (inner wheel) and the Gemini Solar Eclipse of June 1 2011,

cast for the coordinates of London (outer wheel)

The Gemini Solar Eclipse will be on Camilla’s Natal Mars (XI House).

Natal Mars happens to rule the Natal Mid-heaven and is in trine aspect to Natal Neptune and the Cusp of the IV House (IC) in Libra. Natal Mercury, ruling the XI House in the Mercurial Sign of Gemini, was retrograde at birth, and in trine to Natal Jupiter on the Cusp of the Natal V House.

This activation of her Natal Mars by a Solar Eclipse could bring to the fore again, and perhaps exacerbate, the difficulties Camilla has experienced for a long time in her relationship with the English public, fogged by mistrust and falsehood, causing this prominent lady to remain an unsolved mystery in the eyes of many (Natal Mars trine Neptune on the IC, Retro Mercury ruling XI).

This is however just a negative reading of a Transit that could actually provide an opportunity to gain the sort of approval or popularity that has been denied to her before. Or, at least, it could help her to find new strategies to cope with the stress and anxieties caused by this flawed relationship. A relationships that, her Natal Chart shows clearly, is important to Camilla, more than she can express (Neptune on IC, trined by Mars in XI).

In both eventualities her public image and her role in the community are coming to the fore for Camilla.

The activation of Mars by anything often ends creating stressful and tense situations or reactions. But the aspects of Natal Mars are mainly positive, and this could be very helpful to Camilla, helping her to utilize the Eclipse energy wisely (Natal Mars sextile Natal Saturn and Pluto).

At first reading I sensed that Camilla could be faced with the need to conceal something or repress something, in order not to give another blow to her shaky public career. I thought of loss through friends and aspirations (XI House) and her home life and family. But perhaps I got carried away with an attractive negative train of thought, as it happens with Eclipses.

I would have read this Eclipse on Mars differently if I didn’t consider the Transits concomitant with it though. The major transits I’m talking about being Saturn on the Lower-Heaven point, Cusp of the IV Natal House, the taproot of the Charts, all endings and all beginnings. Transiting Saturn entered Camilla IV House first in October 2010; but, during this Eclipse Season, is returning to conjunct the Natal IC, not far from uniting with her Natal Neptune again (a difficult transit) and squaring for a second and third time her Natal Moon-Venus’ conjunction in the XII House, another emotionally difficult transit, that could affect her home life, her close family and her own sense of well being.  An illness cannot be ruled out either. Saturn will transit Camilla’s large IV House until the end of 2013.

At the same time Pluto is slowly approaching his opposition to her Natal Moon-Venus’ conjunction, while Uranus is preparing to square the same. All aspects heralding major changes and personal transformations and realizations for the next few years, into 2014.

For curiosity sake: Camilla’s all important Natal Neptune is conjunct the star Diadem (alpha of Coma Berenices), symbolizing a woman’s sacrifice to ensure her husband’s safety.

Camilla Parker Bowles (inner wheel) and the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse of June 15 2011,

cast for the coordinates of London (outer wheel)

At the Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse the transiting Gemini Sun and South Node will be conjunct Camilla’s Natal Uranus in Gemini and the XI House, like Mars before. The eclipsed transiting Sagittarius Moon and the North Node naturally will be in opposition to Natal Uranus from the V House.

This Eclipse then again puts the accent on the area that has to do with Camilla’s relationship with the collective, in the sense of personal friends and also people in general, the public or community. Uranus has, more often than not, a disruptive effect, introducing changes in our lives that we may find hard, at first, to adjust to, because somehow they seem unexpected or unreasonable. We may feel unprepared for them or afraid to accept them.

Often transits involving Uranus make us feel also a bit weird, somewhat alienated from family and friends, emotionally isolated and cold. Trying to fit in the old mold will not succeed because actually we are supposed to embrace more our uniqueness under an Uranus transit, accepting, as a necessary payment for it, some loneliness and alienating feelings.

Positively Uranus’ transits bring us closer to who we really are and to the individual path we are meant to travel on; the emotional isolation helping to really find that path. In this sense the major adjustments and changes demanded by Uranus, even if difficult to embrace at first, lead us eventually in the right direction. With Uranus in the collective House at birth it is Camilla’s challenge to rebel against the environment that makes her feel alienated and different, eventually finding a group or tribe that can accept her the way she really is.

Uranus, in Camilla’s Birth Chart, received only minor aspects from the Sun and Saturn, but was conjunct the Asteroid Vesta (Hestia), symbol of the sacred spiritual flame we all, and women in particular, are meant to devotedly keep alive in order to protect our families and countries’ spiritual integrity. Having this aspect at birth shows that Camilla possesses her own brand of spirituality, not too influenced by conventions and traditions. In spiritual matters she is very much her own person, and this Eclipse may emphasize this trait too.

Camilla Parker Bowles (inner wheel) and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1 2011,

cast for the coordinates of London (outer wheel)

Click to enlarge

Last but not least, the third Eclipse this season, a Solar in Cancer at the July 1 New Moon, is nearly perfectly conjunct Camilla’s Natal Moon and, by Translation of Light, also her Natal Venus, in the XII House. This Eclipse degree is also in square to her Natal Neptune and the Cusp of her IV House or IC.

An Eclipse right on Moon and Venus, one the symbol of personal feelings (Moon), the other of those emotions we share with others in close partnership (Venus), could prove a very emotional experience for Camilla, big time. An illumination of the dark, unconscious side of relationships and of her personal inner life, with a pervasive sense of fate that should encourage a spiritual search for meaning.

This Eclipse’s contact seems to me the beginning of a spiritual journey for Camilla, during which her many preoccupations with the world and people may begin to fade and she may need to concentrate on her spiritual, emotional and physical well being. Again a period of illness or forced withdrawal cannot be ruled out. Considering the aspects the Moon-Venus’ conjunction forms in her Birth Chart (squaring Neptune, Mid-Heaven and Lower-Heaven), this Eclipse highlights also the home and career sectors, encouraging her to find some balance between the two in her life, perhaps by giving up some cherished illusions and ideals (Neptune), and accepting the difficulties with, at least, resignation, at best, spiritual understanding.

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