The Scorpio Full Moon of May 17, 2011

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It is the annual Scorpio Full Moon, always an emotionally loaded time, when we need to face stuff about ourselves and our relationships that may be difficult to wear, but also when we may achieve real intimacy because we are more ready to take emotional risks and to be honest about our feelings.

To add intensity and depth on Full Moon day the Sun and Moon are also aligned to Algol, a star in the Perseus constellation better known as Medusa or Medusa’s Head, symbol of great passion, but with potentially dangerous undertones, as the head of the Gorgon was girdled in poisonous snakes and her stare paralyzing.

The Signs directly aligned to this phase are, of course, Scorpio and Taurus, in particular Taurus born May 15 to 18, and Scorpio born November 18 to 21. Also Leo, born August 18 to 21, Aquarius, born February 14 to 17, Virgo, born September 18 to 21, and Capricorn, born January 17 to 20. Or anyone with the Moon, Chart’s Angles and/or planets around the 25th, 26th and 27th degrees of the above Signs.

It could be a great time of the year to explore the nature of emotional and material attachments and dependencies and do something about them, because the Scorpio Moon is never happy with superficial or indifferent explanations, intent at revealing instead what we kept secret even to ourselves. The result could be a deepening of our awareness of who we are, our feelings for someone or something, a creative project or job we have embraced, or any other type of commitment. Or it could spell a depressive personal period, or the end of relationships and projects that haven’t lived to our expectations and that now reveal their shortcomings in a glaring light.

The idealization of life and love is definitely over at the time of a Scorpio Full Moon, while we may be filled with a new sense of purpose and personal power, unless too entangled in emotional dramas. Positively meeting the shadow will bring us closer to becoming whole.

Before Scorpio it is like the time before eating the apple of the knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. In Scorpio we meet the tempting Serpent, we will never be the same again.

This year a difficult angle Sun-Moon-Neptune could however fog somewhat our quest for truth, tempting us into some escape route in order not to face things. Positively the Neptune’s contacts may introduce instead an element of compassion and a feeling of unity, if we are inspired from a higher source.

This is an important phase in the yearly cycle as it does coincides with the shift into Taurus of the three closest celestial bodies to planet Earth ; anticipating in turn the all important shift of Jupiter in the same Earth Sign, on June 4/5 (depending where you are).

Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus are all approaching a distance of 120 degrees (trine) to Pluto in Capricorn and of 60 degrees (sextile) to Chiron in Pisces, other testimonies that this Full Moon and the fortnight following will present many opportunities for embracing changes, regenerating and healing our lives in profound ways. These transits will facilitate decisions that may be otherwise too difficult to contemplate.

Here is the Full Moon Chart, calculated with the coordinates of Wollumbin, in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

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The Scorpio Full Moon in Mundane Astrology. aligned with Algol, Israel’s Sun and Bin Laden’s Mars

Talking Mundane Astrology, the branch of the Art delving into world affairs and collective events, the many planets recently shifted or ready to shift from fiery Aries to earthy Taurus rise hopes for a more stable and not so volatile period for the world.

Nonetheless the Scorpio Full Moon promises to be a rather intense and difficult event, due to the challenging aspects to Neptune in early Pisces and the close conjunction to the beta star of the Perseus constellation, the much malingered Algol, head of the mythical Medusa.

Neptune at right angle to Sun and Moon promises some chaotic events and dramatic fluctuations and turbulence, in the weather, especially in coastal places and islands, and also in politics, social affairs, finance. Despite the sobering and down to earth Taurus energy prevailing at this time, energy that should help to consolidate our position and make us feel collectively more secure and grounded, emotionalism and irrationality may prevail for a while around this phase, and throughout the Waning fortnight.

The Sun and Moon are also in aspect to both Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Libra, indicating the need to reconcile, at this critical time, the collective drive toward expansion and growth, focused on future development and improvements (Jupiter), and the need for exercising caution and forethought every step of the way (Saturn).

Jupiter and Saturn have moved out of their historical opposition only recently and in this occasion, noting their mutual relationship to Sun and Moon (respectively in semi-sextile and quincux to Jupiter, and semi-square and sesqui-quadrate to Saturn) I have found them to be linked by the rarely used angle of 165 degrees, sometimes called the Johndro’s aspect (because it was Edward L. Johndro (1882-1951) who first ‘discovered it’s astrological effect). In the Full Moon Horoscope above you can see it indicated by a dotted maroon line marked by the letter A, linking Jupiter and Saturn. This is considered a difficult aspect conducive to obsessive behavior and upheavals. With this aspect in mind it seems that the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn will remain a difficult one, at least for a time.

Going back to Algol, one nation that could be particularly susceptible to the power of this Full Moon, aligned with Algol, will be the state of Israel, founded on May 14 1948, with both the Sun and Ascendant conjunct Algol, so that the transiting Full Moon will be on Israel’s Descendant, the House of relationships and open enemies. Remaining in the Middle East also Lebanon is sensitized to Algol having been born with this difficult star on its Saturn.

Also Ireland, recently again thorn by sectarian violence, could be on the lookout for trouble with the Full Moon conjunct Ireland’s Venus in Scorpio, while the Sun and Moon are at right angle (square) to Ireland’s Mars, on the 26th degree of Aquarius (using the Ireland Independence Chart cast for December 6 1922, 5 pm).

Also significant, I feel, is the fact that in Bin Laden’s Natal Chart Mars was conjunct Algol, a contributing factor in this man terrorist activities and ideologies that have inspired and are still inspiring fundamentalist Muslims all overt the world. Studying the Charts of people who have passed away, I have many times found out eery connections with events in the present time. Now I fear that the intensity of Algol at this critical time may inflame fanatics bent on revenging the assassination of Bin Laden.

A great page on the mundane effects of Algol, from Diana K Rosenberg’s site, can be found HERE.

I have flipped upside down the image of this striking colossal head of Medusa, found, neck up, at the base of a column in a Roman water cistern built by the emperor Justinian in Istanbul. Putting the Gorgon’s head straight up I’m symbolically restoring  the power, beauty and dignity to Medusa, the traditional symbol of feminine spite and revenge, originally of feminine power and passion.

This head and others found in the same place were carved from huge boulders and transported, from unknown places and for unknown reasons, to the dark and damp underworld of this ancient cistern, where they seems strangely at home, thanks to the Gorgons’ dark mythical tale.

We can hope that powerful Medusa, conjunct the Sun and opposed by the Moon during the Full Phase, may bring awareness and wisdom rather then suffering, resentment, revenge.

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