Mars in Taurus and your Rising Sign, May 11 to June 21


If you know your Ascendant or Rising Sign these general readings for the Transit of Mars in Taurus are for you, describing Mars’ possible effect in a Equal Houses archetypal Horoscope.

ARIES: frustration could be an apt word for some of Mars’ effect during this period. Progress may just seem too damn slow for you. Take your time, for a change, and see how good a job you may eventually accomplish. Resist the temptation to spend a lot or make risky investments or purchases, because you may be too impulsive in these matters and make the wrong decisions.

TAURUS: this is your Mars time. Take advantage to get things done and become more pro-active, but check your temper and passion or you may act in ways you may later regret. This transit could fire you up, providing the extra energy and enthusiasm you need to speed up whatever you are doing, while you can still keep focused.

GEMINI: not the best time for action, because Mars is actually prompting you to look inward and not many activities would be appropriate for you at this time. Take some time off, if you can, to consider the spiritual implications of your actions, and to get ready for the more active and outgoing period of Mars in Gemini coming in June-July. Not an easy period perhaps if you insist in keeping the same routines and work loads. Things may get muddled.

CANCER: you will deploy a lot of your physical energy in occupations involving groups, becoming actively engaged with friends and the community at large. Great time to put your hands where your mouth is and start contributing your skills and caring to your community, or some worthy collective cause. You may feel particularly militant for political, ecological or social causes.

LEO: Mars is now transiting your career sector, pushing you to work a bit harder and in a more concentrated fashion to manifest your ambitions. Avoid confrontations on the work place, with employees or employers, because tempers may flare at the least provocation. Plod ahead and you’ll be rewarded for your effort.

VIRGO: dreaming of a long trip? or a cultural or spiritual adventure? If travel is not possible at this time you could use Mars’ energy to advantage by pursuing a course of study or somehow engaging in activities that will broaden your horizon and increase your self-confidence, often a problem for your timid self.

LIBRA : Mars in Taurus is showing you the depth of your own attachments, the sort of feelings you usually find difficult to tackle, because they disturb the harmony of your ideals. A grand passion may reveal more about yourself to yourself than any other neat and tidy relationship you may have had before. Beware of compulsive behavior and obsessions in the area of relationships, especially if you are sharing assets or finance, because issues in these areas are possible.

SCORPIO: relationships are to the fore for you also, but too much passion and impulsiveness in these matters could bring emotional disasters, arguments and even separations. It could be easy to project a lot of your angst upon another person, especially in close knit relationship. Instant and perhaps stormy attractions are now possible, but they may not last. You may be instead  confronted by aggressive and competitive individuals who could force you to take a courageous stand.

SAGITTARIUS: at this time you may feel overwhelmed by so many things to do, so much demand on your precious time, and all sorts of practical difficulties to slow your pace. Embracing patience as a virtue and concentrating on one task at the time you will accomplish much by the end of this period.

CAPRICORN: time for creative and fun pursuits for serious or melancholy Capricorn. You’ll feel particularly enterprising during this Mars in Taurus’ period, and careful investments may prove profitable. Children or playmates may demand more of your attention, and you may have fun giving of yourself.

AQUARIUS: peace at home may be something you aspire to, but presently impossible to obtain. If you need to renovate your house or work on it, fixing things etc. this is the  time to do it, a wiser way to use Mars in Taurus’ energy than arguing with family or people who share your house with you.

PISCES: The period of Mars in Taurus could be a busy and restless time for you, when the desire to socialize and communicate will be strong, but  the potential for verbal confrontations will also increase. This transit could encourage you to become more assertive, providing also the mental concentration and stamina  necessary for quick learning.

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