Weekly Astrological Highlights, March 14 to 20


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Highlights of the week

Apology for posting this weekly update late. The unfolding crisis in Japan has pretty much upset my priorities in the last few days.

No major transits are exact this week, while we are all still reeling from the dramatic entrance of Uranus in Aries, last Saturday, March 12.

Prominent in transit are the two inner planets, Mercury and Venus, respectively in Aries and Aquarius.

The Moon is waxing, the Leo Gibbous phase begins on Thursday, March 17, and the Full phase, in the Sign of Virgo, on Sunday, March 20, 5.10 am (Eastern Australia Summer Time = 11 hours East of GMT).

MARCH 14, MONDAY : Mercury in Aries reached a distance of 90 degrees from Pluto in Capricorn on Monday, March 14. The transit will then be active for another day or so.

This was a somewhat depressing transit for lively Mercury: our conversations, writing, reading, learning, teaching leaning toward more profound and serious subjects. Glaring examples of this have been the media and public attention given to the ongoing tragedy in Japan, with very confronting footage of the destruction and death brought by the earthquake and tsunami filling television screens and radio reporting all over the globe. The Fire and Earth Signs will be more directly aligned to this transit, particularly Aries and Capricorn.

In the context of these appalling events the contact Mercury-Pluto reminds one of the Greek myth of Hermes (Mercury) Psychopomp, guiding the souls in the afterlife realm of Hades, name that indicated the place where the souls went after death as well as the God of the underworld himself (what the Romans and astrologers call Pluto). Just a thought, and an intriguing picture by German master Albrecht Durer (1471-1528), born with Pluto on the Ascendant.

The square to Pluto is just the first of Mercury’s transits this week. On Wednesday, March 16, our little brother will become conjunct Jupiter in Aries, on Friday, March 18, he will semi-square Neptune on the cusp Aquarius/Pisces, on Saturday, March 19,will reach the opposition to Saturn in Libra, and finally, on Sunday, March 20 (Full Moon day) Mercury will form a semi-square to Chiron in Pisces.

MARCH 15, TUESDAY : today Venus comes to the fore in transit, first in difficult aspect (semi-square) to Uranus in Aries and then in harmonious aspect (trine) to Saturn in Libra.

When Venus is prominent in transit the feminine is strong, also desires and the pursuit of pleasure and joy are important. Today we may oscillate from the desire to be different and relate in unconventional ways (Uranus’ contact) and the desire to comply with what is expected of us, what is considered proper and straight (Saturn’s contact). Difficult but interesting balance. The Air Signs of Aquarius, Libra and Gemini will feel this transits more keenly.

If interested, please click HERE to navigate to my Venus in Aquarius post .

MARCH 16, WEDNESDAY: today Mercury is conjunct expansive Jupiter, in the fiery Sign of Aries, an optimistic transit that could help to lift our collective spirit for a while.

Astrologically Mercury is said to rule the intellect and our human capacity to mentally analyze our experiences, translating them into words and concepts. Jupiter, on the other hand, is also a planetary energy that deal with mind stuff, but rather than categorizing and discriminating Jupiter has the function of searching for meaning, widening our mental horizons through philosophical thoughts and flights of intuition. We need Jupiter to see the big picture, to observe things from a more global and inclusive perspective, while we need Mercury to function as intelligent beings on the planet. If we define Mercury as Intellect we should then define Jupiter as Intuition. The combination of these planetary energies today will help our intellect to align with intuition, giving us a more refined tool for understanding life. This aspect will be more significant for Aries and the Fire Signs in general.

MARCH 19, SATURDAY: Mercury in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra today. Another difficult but potentially productive contact for Mercury.

After the flights of intuition brought about by the conjunction to Jupiter on Wednesday we are brought back to reality and forced to look at things as they are, minus the embellishments and wishful thinking. Used properly this is a wonderful energy to be particularly efficient in our work, especially paper work and studies, to meet deadlines and plan our future moves. Serious conversations and/or meeting with people from the past could be on the agenda too. The Fire and Air Signs are the ones directly aligned to this transits, in particular Aries and Libra.

MARCH 20, SUNDAY: Full Moon in Virgo today (28° 47′). As I explained in a previous post this Full Moon and the one after, in April, will be the closest to Earth in a period of 18 years (perigee), hence the term SuperMoon used to describe this phenomenon (apparently first coined by astrologer Richard Nolle).

Some have linked the perigee SuperMoon with the Japanese disaster. Reading more about the subject I discovered however that, at the time the quake struck, the Moon was actually at apogee (greatest distance from Earth), because she regularly oscillates between perigee and apogee, in cycles of two weeks (click HERE to calculate the Moon’s apogee and perigee periods for any year).

The perigee that will occur during today Full Moon will cause higher than usual tides, while its effects could have been anticipated by other astrological factors, active at the time of the disaster, as it often happens in astrological experience.

These things remain a mystery, to astrologers and astronomers alike, no matter how much the skeptics try to deny the lunar influence on Earth’s affairs. We should then remain open to the possibility that this special time in the Moon’s cycle could indeed bring special effects to planet Earth.


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