Weekly Astrological Highlights: February 28 to March 6


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Highlights of the week

  • Saturn in Libra sesqui-square (135°) to Chiron in Pisces, on February 28
  • the ingress of Venus into Aquarius, on March 2
  • the New Moon in Pisces, on March 5

FEBRUARY 28 to MARCH 11: today Saturn is forming an exact aspect to Chiron (135 degrees). This is the second pass of the same transit, Saturn being retrograde. The first pass occurred at the end of December 2010, while the third and last pass will be in September this year. Due to the slowness of the two celestial bodies involved, this aspect, often considered weak, is actually an important and difficult one.

Via Saturn we become aware of what’s really happening in our lives. Often we describe the effect of Saturn’s transits as cyclical reality checks that we need to undergo in order to grow to face life challenges squarely, in an adult, responsible way.

Chiron, on the other hand, always implies the need for accepting the unavoidable, learning to live with it and eventually gaining wisdom from it.

The contact between Saturn and Chiron could then be described as a collective reality check about all those things and experiences that cannot be changed or healed (in a literal sense), but that need to be integrated as painful lessons in one’s life, hopefully helping us to grow in compassion and wisdom.

Becoming responsible (Saturn) for our own emotional burden (Chiron) we may be able to share our knowledge with others going through similar circumstance, because another essential role of Chiron is that of teacher and healer, while Saturn embodies wisdom brought about by well assimilated experience.

This transit seems to be appropriate at this time, when many are mourning loved ones lost in the New Zealand earthquake of February 22. The first funerals were held on the 28th and on March 1st, with the Moon in Saturnine Capricorn, in difficult aspect to Saturn, Chiron, Mars, and conjunct Venus. At the same time Chile has been remembering the 500 who perished in the earthquake of February 28, 2010.

These are indeed difficult realities to acknowledge and accept, but they can also deepen our humanitarian feelings like nothing else can.

MARCH 2: Venus is entering Aquarius today. This month long transit will be more significant for the Air Signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra, as well as the other Fixed Signs, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio; or anyone with Moon, Ascendant or Planets in the same Signs. It could in fact help to lighten everyone’s feelings, providing some badly needed perspective on otherwise emotionally confusing, even bewildering times, due to the emphasis on Pisces (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron and the next New Moon).

Aquarius is a more forward looking Sign than Capricorn, the Sign Venus is leaving behind today, Capricorn being inclined to look at the past and to carry past burdens on its shoulders. It can be rather easy to become depressed and lonely during  a Venus in Capricorn’s period, because the Love Goddess wears the gray mantle of Saturn there, helping us to gain a more mature views of our relationships and a more serious attitude in many areas of life, while often losing the cheerfulness and joy of living which are the gifts of Venus’ embodiment of divinity.

Via Aquarius we experience friendship, the stirring of new ideas and aspirations, feelings of cooperation, desire to get together with others to pursue similar interests and work toward shared ideals.

Venus’ function is always to foster cooperation and appreciation of each others’ feelings. When transiting the Air Signs her cooperative spirit is stimulated by this Element’s innate desire for communication and team work. With Venus in Aquarius we may all be encouraged to seek such cooperation with a number of people, not just in our own insular, private relationships.

For more thoughts on this subject please navigate to my Venus in Aquarius post HERE.



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This New Moon, like the Aquarius New Moon that preceded it, on February 3, found Sun and Moon still in conjunction to Mars, but this time not in such close proximity.

The transits more active at this time are the sextile (60 degrees) Mars-Pluto and the separating square (90 degrees) Jupiter-Pluto.

Thinking of the popular uprising in numerous countries in the Middle East, this New Moon does not promise prompt resolution of these grave issues, but rather more confrontations and struggles against abuse of power and tyranny. Fight to the death to uphold one’s principles is an extreme but possible outcome of these transits.  The fact that Uranus is now on the very last degree of Pisces, the most critical of all critical degrees, ready to enter uncompromising and conflict-prone Aries, could only add more fire to the mix.

The large group of celestial bodies in Pisces is working as a medium through which all these planetary energies may more easily spread their influence, as we have seen happening in these troubled countries, each in turn responding to the same call for greater democratic participation and freedom of choice.

Visually retrograded, therefore very slow moving Saturn is on the other side from everything, in Libra, attempting to restore some modicum of balance and fairness in our personal and social relationships.

The third and last opposition to Saturn from Jupiter in Aries is still far away (exact on March 29), but the financial pundits are already talking about another economic downturn. If you were running a retailing shop, like I do, you will know how low consumers’ confidence has reached in recent weeks!

The great awakener Uranus and giant Jupiter with his lightening bolts are found on the Ascendant of the eastern Australia Chart, promising more extreme weather events in this areas. Also the introduction of innovative (Uranus) legislature (Jupiter), like the price on carbon that is, at the moment, getting a lot of publicity on the media. *

For more information about the imminent ingress of Neptune in Pisces, please check two of my posts on the subject HERE and HERE.

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A post on  Jupiter transiting Aries can be found HERE.

For a list of all Transits this week and for the rest of the month please CLICK HERE to the Monthly Transits Page

or HERE to navigate to the Astro-Calendar Page.

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