Chinese New Year of the Metal Rabbit, coolest amongst Bunnies

February 3 2011

Happy Return to all Rabbits, in particular the 60 years old Metal Rabbits

born between February 6 1951 and January 26 1952

The coolest way to have Saturn and Jupiter’s Returns sort of combined

The Chinese New Year is here again. We welcome the steely Metal Rabbit in our midst. This could be a year of great opportunities for all Rabbits.

The Rabbit  (or Cat) is a soft, cuddly and dreamy creature in love with moonlight (its Western counterpart is the Water Sign of Pisces), often too sensitive for its own good and afraid of open confrontations. When its Element is Metal it becomes however a lot tougher, determined and shrewd. Their talent derives from their sensitivity and from being in touch with the feelings of other people. Any career where these qualities can shine will be ideally suited to the reserved but clever Rabbit, who learnt its wisdom from the Age old wisdom of the Moon, the psychic realm where everything is possible if the imagination can conceive it.

The Element Metal is one that confers determination and firmness to all Chinese Creatures. The negative side of Metal is its coldness and tendency to overly control every situation they found themselves in.

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