Mars’ fiery energy flowing in the Aquarian Urn

Mars, transiting the Air Sign of Aquarius from January 16 to February 23, will energize the lives of all Aquarius individuals, and also Gemini, Libra, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

The entire cycle of Mars (one orbit around the Sun) lasts just about two years, so this is a two-yearly opportunity for the above Signs to be more assertive and decisive, to get into things without waiting for circumstances to be perfect.

Aquarius is a Sign of mental stamina and concentration and these qualities will be strengthened by this transit. The Air Signs may lose some of their cool for a time, but gain humph and directness. The energy is very much available for all sorts of debates and speculations, but could be somewhat erratic and difficult to direct, especially for Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

Mars is not known to be particularly aggressive in Aquarius, but could cause the mind to become stubborn and unyielding. The energy could be better used for study or any kind of mental pursuits, including computer work, learning, teaching, researching etc.

The usually mild, rational and civilized Aquarians amongst us (including people with the Moon or Ascendant in this Sign) may feel particularly combative and contrary during this transit. On the positive side the physical timidity often apparent in this Sign could be overcome for a time by Mars’ bold energy and pluck.

In these hard times, in Australia and many other places in the world, we could all use the courage inspired by Mars. Aquarius being the Sign of community, friendship and collective concern, we could all become more pro-active in matters of social justice. Community spirit will be stronger under this influence. People with humanitarian views could become more militant in upholding their ideals, more actively involved in community projects and volunteer work. Just what we need badly at the moment with so much clean up to do in the many areas ravaged by these unprecedented floods, and the need of moral support for the thousands of people affected.

The influence of Mars over this period is highlighted by the fact that the Sun was approaching the conjunction to the Red Planet on the day of the Full Moon (January 20) while the Moon was opposing it, bringing this planet to the front stage, in particular for the next waning fortnight.

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