More about the effect of Neptune in Pisces

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In my last post on Neptune entering Pisces I didn’t mention who would be the people more likely to feel the Neptune’s effect between early April and early August 2011. These will be principally the early Water Signs, Pisces, born 18 to 20 of February; Cancer, born 21 to 23 of June, and Scorpio, born 23 to 25 of October. And also (via opposition and square aspects) the Mutable Signs: Virgo individuals, born 23 to 25 of August; Gemini, born 21 to 23 of May, and Sagittarius, born 22 to 24 of November.This transit will not stop there either, because it will return and be around for the whole of 2012, after a few months of Neptune’s withdrawal into Aquarius (from August 2011 to February 2012).

Neptune will enter in direct contact with these individuals’ identity and sense of self, represented by their Sun in the Horoscope.

Of course also people who happen to have the Moon, the Ascendant or a planet around the naught and  first degree of the Water and/or the Mutable Signs will live the power of Neptune, the nature of their experiences depending on the planet involved in the transit.

Neptune’s Sign, embodying the mythic image of each of his 14 years generations, will bring experiences of love, enchantment, mystery, compassion, art, aesthetic pleasures, unbound creativity, with everything poetical, transcendent, spiritual. A way of seeing that will make our whole world partake of this mystical image.

Experiences of loss are also possible, somewhat forcing us to go with the flow of things rather than resist our fate. We may not be able to trust the situations we find ourselves in anymore or even the people we thought we could relay on. Not the best influence for reliability and substance, because we may tend to believe what we wish to believe rather than see what is really there. Beware of dodgy deals or any situations that seem a bit ambiguous or murky. The narrow and straight path may be boring and prosaic, but it may be the only safe one in these circumstances. In general terms, for good or ill, a Neptune’s transit may induce us to lose the sense of control over our lives that we take for granted, realizing that it is actually an illusion.

It will be a soul enhancing experiences for many, but also a bewildering one for some, because through Neptune we always risk to lose our sense of reality and become disengaged from our every day duties and responsibilities. Some will need to take time off from everything and just be. If this is impossible then try to make time for contemplative and relaxing activities, in particular for expressing your creativity and get in touch with your inner silence or music.

Born with the Sun at 0° 03′ of Cancer I am in for some Neptunian uplifting or dissolving too.

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  1. Francis noronha Says:

    More about the effect of Neptune in Libra born on sept 27th, 1958. what will be the effects of neptune in sixth house starting on feb 4th, 2012

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Francis, thank you for contacting me. First I have to say that the information you gave me is very limited, no time or place of birth. Is it your VI House in early Pisces? If it is, Neptune will be transiting there for a long time, becoming conjunct your Moon, an important transit, that, without proper data, I can only say it will become exact many years from now.
      What seems to be of more immediate concern is the angle Neptune is already forming with your Birth Mars in early Gemini, aspect that will remain active for the whole of 2012. Not easy this one, because the energies of these two planets are very different: Mars is in fact the physical, action planet, while Neptune has to do with metaphysical rather than physical things. Because the aspect occurs in the VI House this transit could negatively affect your body and general mood, especially if you don’t follow healthy routine. You should be particularly careful in the use of drugs, legal or illegal, or alcohol, because, at this time, they may have unforeseen negative effects. Positively Neptune in the VI House could prompt you to live a more pure life, taking care not only of the body but of the soul as well.
      This transit could create uncertainty in your work place, where you will have to be careful about whom you can really trust. The loss of a job is also possible, but it could be a good thing in the end, because you may find something that is more suitable and soul fulfilling. Mentally the Neptune-Mars contact could make you feel less grounded and rational than usual, but also enhance your interested in spirituality. Making space for other things than just your everyday chores will be very important now, because all forms of creativity, meditation, art will help to make the best of this transit that is here to remind you that there is more to life than your every day material concerns.
      This is what the Solar Fire astrological program says about this transit: “During this transit you may feel as if you are in one of those dreams where you are walking on the same spot and getting nowhere fast. It is also common to feel tired, as if you just want to “get off the merry-go-round”. If you are not careful you will start to review your life through pessimistic eyes feeling that you have been a failure. This is not the time to be pushing yourself so hard. Rather you should stop and smell the roses. Creative and spiritual activities may help restore your equilibrium.” This sums it up very well, I feel.
      However an assessment of all the major Transits and Progression active at this time could give you a much better idea of all the energies at play in your life, Neptune being just one of many. If interested in a proper reading please check my Consultation Page. I offer readings in person, by phone or Skype, $1 a minute, minimum 30 minutes.
      Hope you can make the best of this weird (and also wonderful) transit. Cheers, Paola

  2. Sara Schoorl Says:

    I am wondering how Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 years is going to be affecting me as I have my sun in Gemini in the 12 th House Birth date and time:June 11, 1959 Montevideo , Uruguay, South America 9:30 am.

  3. jenny Says:

    My husband has pisces rising and he got a very good job offer in month of April-2011. Our entire family relocated in August -2011.I think that was the effect of neptune in pisces. I would also like to mention that we moved from a house that we were owing for last 7 yrs into a rental apartment. My question is, are there any chances of us moving to another location in near future and also in to decent house of our own? We decided to move into an apartment because we did not have enough time to search on better house and also we are planning to move out from midwest to some warnmer place…may be texas or california. Husband’s DOB- 5/22/71, time-3:10 AM,longitude-72/48 east, latitude 22/24 north.

    My dob- 9/20/72, time 13:15, 23/2 north, 71/37 east

  4. Erin Says:

    Hi, great article. I am wondering how neptune will effect me. Birthdate September 11th 1984, my neptune is in sag/6th house.

    • Erin Says:

      Forgot to mention birthplace jacksonville, fl born at 2:11 am

      • Living Moon Astrology Says:

        To Bill Foster, Sara Schoorl, Jenny and Erin, please excuse the delay in answering your comments and inquiries. It is a busy time for me. I’ll try to find a little quiet time before the end of this week.
        I am happy that Neptune is inspiring some response. Viva Neptune! Paola Emma

  5. Manavika Says:

    Hi! Will this transit affect the ones born later in the water signs? My birth date is 4th July,1994. Birthplace – Mumbai, India.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Manavika, thank you for your interest. As I said to others, who have also inquired recently about Neptune’s Transits, that I hope to be able to address your questions as soon as it is practically possible.
      Life is busy. Namaste, Paola Emma

  6. Neeru Alag Says:

    I would like to know the effect of neptune in pisces on me .My d.o.b is 19th march 1968,time of birth : 20:16 and place of birth is Mumbai (India).Will you plz help me.Thanking you.

    Warm and Kind regards,

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Neeru, thank you for contacting me. As I said to others people who queried me about the Neptune’s transits, I will do my best to make time to answer everybody after the deadline at the end of this week (from March 12, hopefully).
      Cheers, Paola Emma

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Greetings, Neeru, I finally find some time to answer your query. Sorry for the long delay.
      Yes, Neptune is indeed very active in your Natal Chart at the moment and will remain a significant influence for at least a couple of more years.
      Right now Neptune is in fact transiting conjunct your Natal Mercury in Pisces and the Fifth Natal House. This transit, like all of them, has potentially negative and positive connotations.
      This may not be the best time for you to take important decisions that require straight thinking and strong logic. Your emotions, feelings and subtle psychic impressions may cloud your rational judgement and power of discrimination. You should be particularly careful in the way you express your thoughts and ideas to others because you may be easily misunderstood. You could also beware of untrustworthy people who may try to make you believe things that aren’t true. Emotional impressions and personal bias should be carefully separated from objective facts at this time. Not the best period for signing important documents or making serious decisions about your future, because wishful thinking may override rational thinking. Investments involving money should be considered very carefully and avoided if there is any doubt.
      Positively Neptune on Mercury could greatly help you to be more creative and intuitive, stimulating your innate spiritual feelings. The pursuit of spiritual or artistic studies could be very rewarding in the next couple of years because you will be more sensitive to beauty, harmony and your aesthetic feelings will be keener and more refined.
      You may feel lost, at the moment, but you are not. Something will be always sustaining you, unseen, an inner self that guides you throughout life’s vicissitudes. Beware of depression. Your energy level may be lower than usual under the Neptune’s transits. You may need period of relaxation to let go of stress and find some inner peace. Even few minutes a day of meditation and inward looking will greatly help the restore your balance and vitality. In general try to look after your health as much as you can, purifying your habits, because Neptune can easily weaken even a strong constitution.
      To continue with Neptune, in 2013, until early 2014 it will be in square to your Natal Moon and in conjunction to your Natal Venus, all aspects that could bring romantic love and some form of fascination in your life, wonderful but also a bit dangerous, because you may tend to see in the other person what you want to see rather than what is really there. These same transits could in fact cause also emotional heartache in your life, especially if you don’t remain grounded, problems involving family, the mother in particular or the wife, children and/or friends (V-XI Houses polarity) may surface.
      The best way to use Neptune’s transits is to try to become attuned to the subtle realities that underlay all our experiences, getting in touch with our capacity for selfless love and compassion toward other human beings. Neptune can help us to let go of old resentments and to view the whole of life in a more spiritual way. Sometimes, in order to achieve this, we need to expereince some loss, the dissolving of some cherished dreams we may have had.
      In your Progressed Chart the Moon is in Cancer showing also greater sensitivity to emotional hurts and involvement in family matters, for the next couple of years, especially if there is or has been a death in the family, with perhaps issues of inheritance, material or emotional stuff.
      For a more in depth analysis of your Transits and Progressions please navigate to Living Moon Consultation Page.
      Kind regards, Paola Emma

  7. Sara Schoorl Says:

    Hi! Its Sara who posted earlier about how would Netune in Pisces affect me these next 14 years as my sun in Gemini is in the 12 house of Neptune ruled by Pisces.Just wondering if I should keep checking for you to get back to me or you ha
    ve moved on which I totally understand ,,blessings!

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Sara, thank you for contacting me again. No, I haven’t forgotten. Few readers have asked questions about the Neptune transits. I have just been very busy. I will be back to all of you (I keep a special folder on my laptop with all the comments I need to answer) as soon as I possibly can. It will have to be after Easter now, because, apart from my Astrology and web design work, it is also a busy time running the bookshop, one of the few times in the year when the Uki village gets a serious influx of visitors.
      Hope you will be patient. It’s all good in the end with Neptune, what need to ‘dissolve’ in our lives it will, either we want it that way or not, and always for the greater good.
      Cheers, Paola Emma

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Sara, I finally answer your query. I had a good look of your Natal Chart, Transits and major Progressions. Well, Neptune is not going to affect your Natal Sun for many years yet (Sun 19 degrees Gemini).
      The closest transit of Neptune will be its opposition to your Natal Pluto in Virgo, active from now to early 2013 and the trine of Neptune to its own place, active in 2013. The opposition to Pluto, between Second and Eighth Houses, is, first of all, a generational aspect (happening to everyone at a certain age). It implies a letting go of previous beliefs and value systems (especially in your case where the sectors of Value, Second-Eighth House, are highlighted). What seemed very important, even vital before, in reference to personal security, status, money, will undergo a transformation that could inspire you to embrace less materialistic values, strengthening any spiritual inclination you may have. Time to look at your spiritual longing and make it more a part of your every day living. Old beliefs that do not align anymore to your soul journey need to be relinquished. Deep soul searching could guide you toward some form of personal investigation into your own past, through psychotherapy or any other form of soul therapy.
      Uranus seems to be more active than Neptune this year, in trine to your Natal Mars and Venus in Leo, and square your Saturn in Capricorn. Swift and exciting changes seem to be brewing for you, particularly in the area of relationships, not all easy, due to Saturn in the Seventh House, but nevertheless very necessary.
      A shift in your Progressed Ascendant, from Leo to Virgo, in a couple of years time, and of your Progressed Moon, from Cancer to Leo, in about 5 months time, show also that Things will be soon moving in new directions in your life.
      For an in depth personal session with me, please navigate to the Consultations Page (top menu).
      Regards, Paola Emma

  8. Vanessa Says:

    Hallo, I will have so soon transit Neptune in 4 house also together with transit of Chiron. At this moment I am interesting about healing people and everything around, about writting and also about art–
    Is not my job, as for a living I must do some boring stuff:-( but it will be about the period when transit saturn will cross from 12 house (Libra ) to first house in Scorpion, and also my transit Jupiter will cross from 7 house to 8 house in Gemini through native Mars. So, I really dont understand 🙂 how can be the effect of this situation.
    I hope I will move and profit some spiritual or art, ( writting ) progress.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Vanessa, thank you for contacting me.
      I’m afraid I would have to put your request on hold because i still have older messages to answer and very little time to do so. I’ll get back to you here as soon as I can.
      Life has been particularly hectic and full on for me lately. Regards, Paola Emma

  9. Manavika Says:

    Hey Paola! Manavika again . Just wondering whether I need to contact you again, or whether you have no time which is by the way completely understandable. Born 4th July,1994 Mumbai(India) at 2:59 pm.
    Warm Regards.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Manavika, sorry for the delay in answering. I have at the moment problems accessing the net on a regular basis. Hopefully this issue will be soon solved.
      I’ll answer as soon as I can, sincerely, Paola

  10. Lily Says:

    Hello Paola, I have recently been reading about Neptune and am so thrilled to have found this page, very informative, thank you so much. I am concerned about neptune transiting my second and opposing my 8th ( I have a few planets in the 8th). I was born Sept 7, 1971 at 4:02pm EST in Toronto, ON Canada. Are there any significant effects of this transit? Thank you again for a great post ! Lily

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Greetings, Lily. So sorry to answer your query this late. Life has been very hectic. I forgot all about your request. It has been a while.
      Well, after a brief look at your Natal Chart, I see that Neptune has been transiting your II House since 2004 and also that it has now separated from the opposition to your Natal Mercury in Leo (VIII) and the square to your Natal Jupiter (XI House), both aspects potentially difficult for your financial situation, sense of personal security and value system. Those transits are now over, at least since Neptune entered Pisces for good earlier this year. The oppositions to your Natal Sun and Venus (Virgo – VIII House) are still far away, 2017 and beyond, too early to worry about them now. Neptune is with Jupiter at birth in XI House, meaning that its effects could be felt more keenly in the area of friendships, group activities, aspirations and your relationship with the world at large (community, society). Before Neptune becomes more active in a big way again, transiting Uranus, now, as you know, in Aries (your Natal Moon’s Sign) will become conjunct your Moon in 2015, bringing significant turn of events and feelings, breakthroughs and changes, especially concerning your emotional life, your close family and domestic circumstances.
      With transiting Pluto now completely separated from the conjunction to your Capricorn Ascendant and transiting Saturn from your Libra Midheaven you should, I feel, have reasons to celebrate at the moment.
      The best with your present and future transits, thank you for your kind words, Paola Emma

  11. Manavika Says:

    Any chance I could get my reading now? If its not too much trouble that is. And I am sorry for bothering you yet again.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Greetings, Manavika, I finally manage to look again at your query. I haven’t been too well and now that I’m feeling better I am slowly trying to catch up with a lot of stuff.
      My sincere apology for the delay.
      I have cast your chart (Tropical Zodiac, Placidus Houses) and found that Neptune in Pisces, and previously in Aquarius, has been transiting your Fourth House, the Home Sector, for many years now and will continue to do so for many years to come. In this position Neptune could help you to become more aware of the spiritual bond with your family and your roots in general, and to unravel your spiritual grounding/foundation over this long period of time.
      In the shorter term Neptune will not be overly active until 2013, forming then a harmonious aspect to your Birth Jupiter, in April and July, and remaining active until February-March 2014. This transit could help to expand your feelings and enhance any spiritual or artistic-creative inclination you may have, the planet of dreams, Neptune, smiling on the planet of expansion and opportunities, Jupiter. Because of the areas in which this aspect is active it will be especially effective for your inner development. It could also affect though your financial situation, with the promise of great improvements in that department. This, however, could also be only temporary and should not be relied too much upon, Neptune often stressing the tendency toward wishful thinking, while Jupiter is well known for its tendency to exaggerate and improve too much on actual circumstances. So, despite the harmonious nature of the transit, caution should be exercised not to overstep your limits financially or creating false securities in other areas of your life (Jupiter ruling your Second House, area of personal finance and security.
      In 2014 Neptune will oppose your Birth Chiron, a transit that will affect, at the same times, people belonging to your same Neptune generation: not an easy aspect and one that could bring up painful stuff from the past that will need to be processed and eventually let go of, via compassion and surrendering of ego pride/priorities. After 2014 transiting Neptune will not become too active until 2017, when it will conjunct your Birth Saturn, while, the same year, the Solar Arc directed Neptune will square your Scorpio Ascendant, but those stories are still very much in the future.
      Hope this can help to clarify the effect of Neptune on your Birth Chart. If interested in a proper talk-reading please visit my Consultations page for details.
      Ciao for now, Paola Emma

  12. Vada Says:

    Hello there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give
    a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading
    through your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi, Veda, my apologies for not having been able to answer your greetings sooner. I haven’t been too well and so have posted little for a long while, apart from the daily updates.
      I have in fact missed to answer other comments as well. Apologies to everyone for that.
      Thank you for coming to visit my site. If you scroll the right sidebar in my site you get to a list of other astrological sites that I have found interesting. You just click the links to get there.
      Do you have a site too? Astrology is absolutely fascinating subject and one that can greatly help to make sense of life and ourselves.
      Ciao for now, Paola Emma

  13. soulamit Says:

    please let me know the effect of Neptune on my birth sign as I am in lot of confusing state from last 10 days.
    13.3.72 9.55 am Patiala Punjab India

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi, I reply just to apologize for not having answered your query at the time you wrote your comment on my site. I haven’t been able to upgrade or work on my site for a long time.
      Quickly looking at your Birth Chart I can see the recent Transits of Neptune, square Saturn and Neptune which were in opposition at birth. Those Transits though should be well and truly over by now.
      The Neptune Saturn Transits are amongst the most difficult to live through because Neptune has tended to erode all the secure foundations you have tried to build in your life, as well as undermining your self esteem (always a sore spot when Saturn is so close to the Ascendant and in opposition to Neptune at birth) and also your close relationships because of Neptune’s position in your Seventh House. The more you struggle against the effects of this type of Transits the worse they get, like swimming against a too powerful current. The only ‘advice’ I could give you is to surrender to it somehow and become as accepting as your character and present situation allow. This too will pass and hopefully has already passed for you, living you wiser and spiritually more aware than ever before. Even if much of what you believed or counted on before is now gone, never to return; the aim of such a Transit is in fact to help us to embrace more of life, getting rid of aspects of our personality that are too rigid, to dissolve barriers and self defensive mechanisms that stop us from reaching our highest potential. One good news though: the same Transit will never repeat again for you; this was once in a lifetime event. Namaste’, Paola Emma

  14. Josephine Says:

    Dear Paola Emma,

    Thank you for your insight on Neptune , I really appreciate you take time answering everyone request. I would like to share my experience with Neptune when , it was transited Square to my Sun(19 sco) 9th house when Neptune was in Aquarius then sextile to my Venus 26 Sag 11th house then opposite to my moon 28 Leo in 7th house , I became very disoriented during the Sun hits as well as Neptune dissolved the ego…I was miss treated and at the same time I was very forgiving, sort of self denial…. I was very broken heart ……when Neptune sextile my Venus , I poured my heart in to making arts Neptune helped me here along with my Venus to make many art pieces that after 2 years they ended up in many exhibitions….I thought that a new love will come to my life by this transit but in stead , Neptune gave me the love of beautiful imagination ….while I was still emotionally hurt when Opposite my Moon , My partner was still pretty much involved with me , he hurt me but I was very forgiving …..stupid isn’t it? Not all people but in my case although very naive my partner and I were being friends. from 2002 Neptune in our Synastry and transit has playing crazy with us …but our Saturn and Pluto and Nodes keeping us , sometime I think we are both delusional.

    My Ascendant is 12 Aqurius
    Natal Neptune 9 Scorpio 9th house conjunct Mercury

    He was born jun2 1964 Asendant 0 Capricorn when Uranus 6 and Pluto12 were in Virgo 8th house and Saturn 4 in Pisces Moon 8 Pisces second house….
    Neptune 15 10th house

    We are still pretty much part of each others life , He will have First conjunct Saturn then opposite Uranus, then conjunct Moon …..he is going through identity crises and has change so much due to Pluto…I am concern about when Neptune will hit his Moon 8 Pisces 2nd house and Venus 6 cancer Rx 7th house what will happens ….he is a cold old fashion practical man and not in to any arts or anything similar wonder if he will finally admit to his feelings , he has already show some signs and becoming very vulnerable emotionally and talks about his feelings which is very romantic, but as a friend I don’t want him to get hurt, like I did back then, would you please shed some light.

    Thank you

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Josephine, I am very sorry it took so long to reply to your comment. In fact I wasn’t aware of it until today. For many different reasons I had to stop updating my site for a few months and came back to it only last week.The best way for me to answer your queries would be to actually get yours and your friend birth data, so I can cast your charts and get a better visual idea of the possible effect you might have on each other and also the possible outcome of transits and progressions for both of you. I will have to be brief in my answer because time is always an issue for me. If you are interested in a proper comprehensive reading I am available in person (in the village of Uki, NSW) or by phone. Let me know, regards, Paola Emma

  15. Josephine Says:

    Dear Emma,
    I love astrology and I’ve been reading books for over 20 years , yet I always like a second opinion ….:) I live far away in Canada, so meeting in person? and as far as phone, I can only learn visually it would be waste of your time and mine to talk on phone….I often avoid it when it comes to discussions, I have LD, gifted as they say here….having natal Mer/rx and Nep conjunct 10 degree Scorpio in 9th house ruled by Pluto 8 virgo in 7th house. I never satisfy with one answers lol I keep dig in and dig in …..and guess what Astrology has been my call for years yet still dig the answers 🙂

    Thank you for your reply


    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Dear Josephine, thank you for prompt reply. It seems a bit strange to be talking again with people all over the world after these few months of silence, and also exciting.
      There is nothing wrong with not being satisfied with one answer, why should you be? I am 63 this year and I yet don’t know quite if astrology is truly my vocation, perhaps I will be doing something else when I grow up!
      If interested my birth data are: 22 June 1951, 7.50 am, Rome, Italy. Cheers, Paola

      • Josephine Says:

        Dear Paola, this is just a brief scan of your chart , sorry as I am middle of working in my art business….buzibeee

        You came to this life to shine ( Leo Asc) expressing yourself in a group and humanitarian activities( Sun in 11) house of Uranus/Aquarius who has a far out original and indeed a freedom lover yet misunderstood and often times criticized for the way of thinking.

        This also supported by your detached emotional Moon in Aquarius. My daughter has this placement and she tells me, “ thank God! You are my mother”, that I give her space and the freedom she needs. Indeed the Astrology is your calling, having Aquarius oozing out of your chart and your NN in Pisces, spiritually is your life purpose.

        We have exact opposite Nodes, my NN is 13 Virgo so, we both need to balance these poles of polarities in order to achieve our life purpose, meaning pay attention to some beliefs and habits that is unconsciously easy for us to do and stepping on the comfort zones area and skills we already have and express them through NN. You need to use less worries and stop expecting of being perfect, enough of orders nit picking and nurture your Pisces talents in the spiritual truth and contribute your past skills to universal love. “ When I let go and let God – I win” “ My survival is non threatened by disorder” less serving others and take the mask off, stop the play the role of acceptance for others, because you need not need the approval of anyone to full fill your soul journey in this life time.

        Wow look at that Jupiter in 9th house and ruled by traditional ruler Jupiter double whammy 🙂 , I see huge faith but I hope it’s also a library of higher knowledge and travel oh yeah you are after all far away from mother land.

        Your 3rd is nicely placed also related to your 9th house Jupiter and Mercury in 11th communications, words, books, philosophy, faith and higher education, travel, group and high tech/internet and of course Astrology very much dominated in your chart.

        You MC ruled by Mars in again 11th house ruled by Mercury in house of Aquarius.

        Beautiful yet demanding of Aphrodite(Venus) next to lord of underworld in your first house sextile higher octane of Love in your 3rd house supports your 11th house stallions in your house of hopes! 🙂

        I did not go through any transit or progressed except Transiting Uranus to your Venus can be exciting for next few months….and thereafter if you wanted to be. ❤

      • Living Moon Astrology Says:

        Hi Josephine and a warm thank you for the time you spent looking at my chart.
        I sent my data in the first place because I know that people studying astrology are generally interested in others doing the same. It has been however a pleasant surprise to have a skillful reader to look at my chart for a change!
        What you have found is true; while, at the same time, the powerful Virgo Saturn’s configuration has taken over good part of my life and somewhat even highjacked my personality, so that I have been and still often am not sure of the validity or worth of my calling (or everything I do for that matter). Negativity and depressive spirits, while helping me to become perhaps a better astrological counselor, have also often paralyzed me with fears and misgivings when attempting to achieve my personal goals.
        Like most people I have to live with two natures, one rather enthusiastic and highly creative, the other deep but also pessimistic. Because Saturn is my only Earth planet survival needs psychologically seem to take over my life at times, despite the fact that I have avoided to have children for fear to be too restricted by motherhood; and even separated physically from a close knit Italian family which I felt tended to ‘control’ too much of my life and choices.
        I am getting better with age though. Eleven years ago, with my partner help, I have opened a little recycled bookshop in the village near where we live and this, despite the fact that is not really what you would call a thriving business, has become a source of personal satisfaction for me, the little office at the back a cozy refuge for the loner in me, while the shop is an opportunity to meet interesting people and a space to do my astrology.
        My greatest joy, as far as astrology is concerned, is to teach and run workshops (I recently started again after a lapse of more than a year) and to write about it. In particular historical mundane astrology and Astro Cartography fascinate me, as well as the connection of astrology with literature and art, writers and artists. Also research and study, for the sake of it, not necessarily to write about it, always feed a strong inner yearning. I hope in the near future to be able to find more leisure time to further pursue these interests.
        You are a very good reader of horoscopes and able to express your finding in an encouraging and helpful way; also obviously a caring person. Thanks again, Paola Emma

      • M N Says:

        Hi Paola, Thank you for your kind words, interesting that we both have similar passionsfirstly Astrology and the other for me is Arts, I make mosaic and arts with found objectmy business in progress…”Toronto Recycling Arts”, I have lived away from my home country Iran since 78 and that was the last I saw my parents too I was 17. I am very much Aquarius influenced, My freedom is more important to me than million dollars, I love to teach and give to community.I am sure it’s more to us and much to tell than just our charts 🙂 I never used Astrology professionally, any time I read people blogs and I ran in to something that I can relate too , it catches my eyes, I love your blog very much, I sense that knowledge in you 🙂 I have some of my art works in my facebook My birthday is Nov 12 1960 masjed solyman iran time not accurate but I am pretty sure Aquarius is my Asc ,or maybe I am confused since my moon conjunct my Uranus?I don’t expect any reading , but thought to share it for your research , you know we do that 🙂 take care Mashied Date: Fri, 23 May 2014 01:56:14 +0000 To:

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