OK, the Fire Signs may be really revved up by the transit of Mars in Sagittarius (October 28 to December 8,see my previous post, but we can all take advantage of it to put a spark back in our lives. For some will be their work or career, for others will be the area of relationships, or travel, study etc, depending on the placement of Sagittarius in your Birth Chart.

Thought for a long time to join a gim or the local rowing club? This is the time to do it. Planning an adventurous holiday, a pilgrimage to a holy place, a spiritual journey of the mind? Go on with it, now, book that ticket, spend some of your saving, a too cautious attitude is not what Mars in Sagittarius demands.

Less fiery and confident types may find their confidence boosted by this transit, with an increased desire to move and do, to dare and hope, to project oneself forward. Sagittarius represents all that within us is seeking a way to overcome limitations, who longs for greener pastures and a more adventurous, meaningful existence.

When Mars transits this Sign, every two years or so, his raw energy and pluck works to widen one’s field of action, making one more aware and alive to opportunities fate presents, producing enough enthusiasm and optimism to perceive obstacles as stepping stones on the way to success and accomplishment. Eternally hopeful, because guided by an inner vision of positive future developments (Sagittarius), Mars moves forwards instinctively, unencumbered by self imposed limitations and fears.

As we all know confidence is one of the main ingredient for success, while an overly confident attitude can lead very well to failure. The more fiery types and, in particular, those whose Birth Charts show a marked accent on Sagittarius are the ones more at risk of overdoing it, taking on too much or promising more than they can realistically deliver.

After all, Sagittarius precedes Capricorn in the cosmic Wheel of Life (Zodiac), meaning that its visions and aspirations often risk to remain just that and never become actualized in a concrete form, if an effort is not made to ground them, adapting them to the practical needs of real life’s situations (Capricorn).

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