The Sun and Mercury contact Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus, October 18-20


Mercury is now completely absorbed in the light of the Sun, on the other side of the Sun from Earth. Their Superior Conjunction, occurred on October 17.

Between the 18 and 20 of October the Sun and Mercury so united will form the same angles with Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius (trine = 120°) and Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces (quincunx or inconjunct = 150°).

The trine aspects usually work as facilitators of the expression of the planetary energies involved. In this case the Sun, representative of consciousness, and Mercury, representative of communication and thought, will be allowed to flow more easily with our desire for merging with others or a greater Self, through agents like love, compassion, art, spirituality (Neptune),  and our need for Nature-inspired knowledge, in order to heal or just accept the wounds we were born to carry in this world (Chiron).

At the same time the inconjunct aspects of Sun-Mercury to Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces become also active. Inconjuncts are always somewhat difficult angles, because the Signs involved are non compatible in many ways (different Element and different Mode), but can also be very creative, fostering changes by reconciling differing viewpoints.

An example of the positive effect of these transits, I think, is the announcement made by the Australian government yesterday (October 18) about changes that will be implemented to avoid the incarceration of children and families of asylum seekers, a long overdue decision that will help to foster a more compassionate and tolerant society in Australia. Here these transits show us the need of economically leading countries like Australia to adjust our refined and intellectualized ideals of fairness and justice (Libra) to the demands of an expanding world (Pisces Planets), with the reality of poverty and emotional trauma in developing nations and countries at war, right now, not that far away from us.

The Moon will be transiting Pisces until October 21, becoming Full on October 23, on the last degree of Aries, cusp Taurus. While in Pisces the Moon contributes to the present Solar and Mercurial transits, stressing the need for greater integration and compassion all round. The Waxing Moon was in fact trine the Sun on October 18, while still transiting Aquarius, then, once in Pisces, the Moon trines Venus in Scorpio on October 19 (an aspect of good will and cooperation), and, on October 20, the Moon will trine Mars (an aspect of active emotional involvement), and become conjunct Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces (optimism, innovations, reforms).

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