Venus’ long transit through Scorpio, September 2010 to January 2011

Venus entered Scorpio on September 9 and will become Stationary Retrograde on October 8 (13°13′ of Scorpio), re-entering Libra on November 8,  and turning Stationary Direct again only on November 19 on 27°39′ of Libra. Venus will then re-enter Scorpio, in Direct motion, on November 30 and continue transiting Scorpio until January 7 2011. The whole retro period will cover the Zodiac’s area between Libra 27° and Scorpio 13°.

The previous Venus retro period happened between March and May 2009 (end of Pisces to mid-Aries), the next will happen between April and July 2012 (in Gemini, 07° to 24°).

For a technical explanation of the phenomenon of Retrogradation, please visit the Tutorial page on this subject.

What to expect from this prolonged transit of Venus in Scorpio, the Sign opposite-complementary her own Taurus mansion?

What is making this retrogradation more interesting and more intense will be the ongoing conjunction to Mars, also in Scorpio since September 15, that was exact on October 4, with Venus very close to her Retro Station.

The fascinating dance Venus-Mars began in the evening skies of August and will continue, off and on, until May 2011. Looking West after sunset we can witness this event firsthand.  This meeting is providing an opportunity to integrate masculine and feminine energies, the call for receptivity to other people’s feelings with the need to be assertive and stand up for our rights. At the present time, early October, the birthday people more likely to feel the direct effect of this conjunction will be Scorpio, born November 5 to 7, Taurus, born May 3 to 5, Leo, born August 5 to 7, Aquarius, born February 2 to 4.  Or anyone with Moon, any of the Angles or personal planet between the 12 and 14 degrees of those same Signs.

The long visit of Venus in Scorpio will be providing many openings to explore the deeper side of our relationships, those feelings we may find difficult to acknowledge because we consider them non appropriate or because they are so powerful they might scare us. New relationships of a particularly intense kind may arise at this time, while in depth understanding and authentic intimacy could be achieved in established relationships too.

From October 8, slowly retracing her steps toward the Sun, Venus will disappear in the glow of the setting Sun on October 19. She will be absent only for a short while though, reappearing in the East before sunrise in her next incarnation as a Libra Morning Star (heliacal rising) in early November.

The backward motion of Venus represents a chance to revisit our ideals of love and relating, bringing back the past in our lives, symbolically or tangibly, feelings we haven’t had or people we haven’t seen for a long time.

Negatively this transit could awaken the less desirable aspects of Scorpio, especially while Mars is transiting the same Sign until October 28. The intensity that colours Scorpio’s loving emotions can also apply to negative ones, worsening our dislike of some people or accentuating the negative perception of our relationships’ issues, leaving us with a feeling of mistrust that could take a long time to heal.

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  1. vikas Says:

    i have exalted venus in 7th house with sun

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