Every time I come across a photo of Bob Brown, especially one of those from the 80s when he began his political career in the environmental movement (left), I cannot help thinking of good-old Jimmy Stewart, hero of Frank Capra’s ‘It’s a wonderful Life’, 1947 Hollywood movie (below). You can find his interactive Chart at AstroTheme.

Stewart was also a small town kid, born in a conservative Presbyterian family of Scottish origins. He fought his own war as a fighter pilot in Nazi occupied Germany.

Like Brown he was also very Earthy, Taurus Sun and Capricorn Moon (Brown has Capricorn Sun and Taurus Ascendant): reliable ‘trust me’ sort of guy, His Chart also shows a strong emphasis on Gemini (Mar-Mercury compared to Brown’s Moon-Uranus). Brown is a twin and Stewart had twins daughters. Stewart’s Capricorn Moon is also conjunct Uranus, the maverick’s aspect. He also changed career, from architect to actor, loved the outdoors and was involved in the American Scouts movement all his life.

Well this is a digression really, but I couldn’t resist the impulse of posting their photos together.

The second promised article on Bob Brown is still in the draft drawer (the first can be found HERE). Mercury retrograde has shifted my attention away from my astrological site. Like many of us I have been pulled back from what I was doing into new and unexpected directions.

The aftermath of the Australian Federal Elections and the uncertainty still surrounding its outcome are great examples of a full blown Mercury retrograde’s season. Personally I feel pretty much immersed in it.

Jimmy Stewart

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