At a first glance this Leo New Moon, accompanied by a cluster of planets in Libra (Venus, Mars, Saturn), seems an appropriate beginning for a period of heightened creativity, increased socializing and fun, leisure times.  Good news for many for a change, especially Leo who are celebrating their birthday around the New Moon day or people with Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other planets in early Libra.

Looking at the angle on the day though we can immediately see how this Lunation too comes under the spell of the now famous (or infamous) Cardinal T Cross. The Sun and Moon, conjunct in Leo, are in fact forming meaningful and somewhat difficult connections with Pluto in Capricorn (sesqui-square, 135 degrees) and Jupiter/Uranus in Aries (another sesqui-square), while also semi-squaring (45 degrees) Saturn in Libra. To add to this Venus and Mars are in the picture too, with Venus just separating from an opposition to Uranus and a conjunction to Saturn, and, on New Moon day, also square Pluto and opposed to Jupiter. Mars has recently formed the very same aspects, and he is now applying to a square to the Lunar Nodes in Capricorn-Cancer (exact on August 15). The Cardinal T Cross is therefore alive and well, receiving indeed a boost from Venus, Mars and the Sun/Moon themselves.

Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all either applying or separating from a square to Pluto in Capricorn. That’s intense.

Venus here, being the swiftest planet (apart from the Moon) of the whole configuration and, with the Sun, the only other one transiting her own Sign (factor that makes her more influential), will act as a catalyst to bring the other planets’ energies to the fore. Through Venus today and for the coming Lunar Month (the New Moon representing the beginning of each astrological month) we’ll experience the trans-formative power of the Cardinal configuration through the medium of relationship. Before the yearly transit of the Sun in Leo is over Venus and Mars will become conjunct in Libra (August 21): many relationships will be born while the archetypal lovers look on, while other will end, under the still mounting pressure of the Cardinal configuration, aspects that we know by now demand from us greater commitment (Saturn), truthfulness (Pluto), the courage to embrace significant changes (Uranus) and the optimism to believe we will make it (Jupiter). Difficult things, but not impossible.

After all the slow transit of Saturn in Libra, active until early October 2012, is here to encourage all of us to become more mature in the way we relate to each other in close partnership, cultivating respect and learning to honour others the way we wish they could honour us, upholding the ideal Libran aspiration for fairness and justice.

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