Venus in Leo


“O body swayed by music, o brightening glance,

How can we know the dancer from the dance” (Yeats)

Venus ended her transit through Cancer and began her Leo journey on June 14 2010.

Venus will transit Leo until July 10.

In Leo the Goddess of Love, Art and Pleasure becomes clothed outwardly and inwardly illumined by the Sun’s rays. The sunny disposition often attributed to Leos is most certainly a trait of this Venus.

Leo’s need to shine (and fundamentally to be loved) finds a willing ally in fair Venus, not a shy Goddess or one likely to hide her attractiveness. No matter what the physical appearances of the individual with this placement of Venus at birth, he/she will emanate feelings of warmth, passion, vitality that are naturally attractive.

In love the Venus in Leo person wants to feel special, appreciated and respected. Love is often a remarkable and romantic experience. If is not big and dramatic, it is not worth the effort. Leo Venus tends to be loyal in love and to expect loyalty in return. On the other hand pride and self-importance can be obstacles standing on the way of love.

The Venus in Leo person will naturally encourage other people to believe in themselves and achieve their goals, because there is enough brightness and light in this Solar Sign to be shared around.

This Venus is also big on creativity because it encourages spontaneous self-expression and is often very visual and attracted by bright, happy colours. The Venus in Leo person can be as much in love with their own creations as they are with a lover or a child. Like children they look upon their creations as an expression of spirit.

We can all shine a bit brighter during the passage of Venus through Leo, tapping into the inexhaustible fire energy of the Sun,  source of  joy and creativity. Leo is the Sign of childhood, naturally exuberant and self-centered. Venus in this Sign can help us to enjoy every moment of our lives, the way children can, because they are completely absorbed in what they do. Ideal time to get in touch with the child within, to enjoy fun and games and all activities performed for the joy of it, rather than any utilitarian or practical reason.

The image is Danza (Dance), by Gaetano Previati (1852-1920)

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