Venus in Gemini, April 25 to May 20 2010

Transiting into the Air Sign of Gemini, on April 25, Venus has entered the realm of Mercury, the androgynous God. His many stories tell of how he couldn’t be trusted because he liked to play pranks on the other Gods, but also that he was entrusted by his father Jupiter to be the guide of the souls of the dead into the afterlife, an important and delicate mission.

In myth Mercury always displays two aspects or personas. In antiquity there existed the wide-spread belief that the planet itself was actually two planets, an Evening and a Morning Star, each with its distinct characteristics and fields of influence.

Like the liquid metal that bears his name, Mercury or Quick Silver, this Messenger of the Gods was said to be swift and unpredictable. He was the patron of both merchants and thieves (!), of roads and travel. Originally he represented the breath of life, the divine pneuma that manifest as wind and breath. Mobility and adaptability were his attributes.

The Sign of Gemini, traditional field of Mercury, embodies these Mercurial qualities. The Twins, one divine the other mortal, provide the ideal image for this God’s dual nature.

The Sun, Moon and Planets, when transiting through Gemini, take on the colour of Mercury, his shifty and fascinating personality. Venus is no exception.

What a difference from the sensual, intense energy of Venus in Earthy and Fixed Taurus! Gemini is made of Air and is not ‘fixed’ in any way. It is what astrologers call a Mutable Sign, changeable and inconstant, full of fun and sometimes mischief, often erratic and unreliable.

We now enter a period during which the Goddess of Love and Pleasure is better celebrated in words, poetry, intelligent and eclectic conversations, art works, symbols. The realm of Mercury is rather abstract and Venus here cannot be entirely fulfilled by the satisfaction of sensual desires and a sense of physical well-being. Ideas and forms are one to Venus in Gemini: a beautiful form devoid of intelligence can attract this Venus for a little while, but she will move on to new attractions if her intellect is not sufficiently stimulated.

People born with this placement are friendly, flirtatious, but not overly sexual and very rarely sexist, usually popular because of their ability to show interest in all sort of subjects and their readiness to make new friends. Sisterly and brotherly feelings are strong with these types, and can extend to embrace many people. They may not be the best equipped to understand the difference between friendship and love, commitment and freedom. If other planetary placements bring them to make early commitments, like marriage, career or financial commitments, they may regret those later on, because, especially when still young, they need to experience a variety of relationships and occupations. Too regular and predictable routines and relationships soon become boring and the desire to move on can then prove irresistible.

More steady types may think Venus in Gemini people to be too unreliable and emotionally immature to make real commitments. This is not necessarily the case. However freedom and independence will be indispensable ingredients for a fulfilling and lasting relationship, while jealousy and possessiveness could prove very detrimental.

Often the Venus in Gemini person will become better able to settle down when their Venus progresses into Cancer, the home maker of the Zodiac. The timing of this progression depends on the natal degree of Venus. This Planet moves an average of one degree per year (by Secondary Progression), therefore she will enter Cancer within the first thirty years of life, unless she is destined to turn retrograde before that, remaining in Gemini for life or even going back into Taurus.

May this light and breezy Venus help us to be more genuinely friendly with each other and tolerant of differences, if not fascinated by them. A busier and more varied social life is in store for us; but also a period when we could all learn to become more detached and dispassionate.

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