Ichthyo Centaur, Gandhara releif, click to enlarge

Pisces, last in the sequence of twelve Signs, represents the end product of the entire cycle and also contains, in seed form, the future cycle. Chiron, the healer centaur of ancient lore, with his wisdom and knowledge of nature’s remedies, in Pisces will show us the way to merge with the natural environment, to participate emotionally, not merely intellectually to the suffering of the less privileged and of the Planet itself.

On the negative side this position of Chiron may increase the risk of serious pandemics, because the medium of Pisces, with its openness and fluidity, is ideal for the spread of infections, the absorption of poisons and the lowering of our collective immunity. Tears and powerlessness, with the loss of control are some of the traditional attributes of mystical Pisces, when its energy is mishandled.

The Earth may become more susceptible to illnesses brought about by pollution and neglect, the same applying to all the beings that populate it, animals and humans. The situation on our planet may worsen before the healing can begin.

One way or the other, this long transit will make us realize that, if any member of the human family suffers, the whole of humanity suffers. The potential for collective healing through this configuration is self-evident, but only via spiritual surrender of ego centred attitudes.

Chiron in Pisces basically suggests that to cure the body (ours, the Earth’s) we need to heal the soul.

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2 Responses to “CHIRON IN PISCES, 2010/2018, A HEALING TRANSIT”

  1. Rodrigo jurado Says:

    wow, awesome interpretation, so true
    “that to cure the body, we need to heal the soul”
    a prhase to remember!

    i hope we earth endure this transit!
    with this and pluto in capricorn, catastrophic
    events seems very likely to get stronger than they already are

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Rodrigo, thank you for your appreciation. It is a catch phrase really ‘to heal the soul’. How we should go about doing it, that’s the issue. We all have indeed our own individual journey to complete. And Chiron has a lot to do with revealing turning points in that journey, great if painful realizations.
      Collectively I too suspect that things will get worse before they get better. Every generation has, so to speak, its Great War, our is the War against Pollution, Social Inequality and Dictatorships and Ideologies of all kind. We are definetely raising awareness of the holistic nature of the world we live in. Chiron in Pisces, I feel, will help us to become more open to the voices of those who cannot speak for themselves, the creatures that populate our planet and have equal rights to survive and thrive, as we do.
      These major transits we are experiencing and the ones to come, in particular Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus/Jupiter in Aries, Chiron/Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Libra, will change the world.

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