Between April 18 and May 12 our trickster planet, the child of the solar family, will perform its station and retrogradation in the Sign of Taurus.

For all of us Mercury’s loops are great opportunities to get more from communication, reading and writing. These are the times when we can give our brains time to overcome a purely linear thinking and penetrate to deeper levels. Slowing down we become aware of more nuances of meaning and find more appropriate words for what we need to express. In Taurus Mercury enhances concentration, providing the mental stillness conducive to retention of information and depth of understanding. The risk is to get bogged down into one’s own mind-set, becoming unable to let others’ ideas and ways of thinking penetrate and fertilize our own.

This transit will affect in particular Taureans born between April 21 and May 3, and also Scorpio, born October 26 to November 6, Leo, born July 25 to August 6, and Aquarius, born January 23 to February 3. Or anyone with the Moon and/or any of the Personal Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) between degrees 02 and 13 of the Fixed Signs.

These few weeks could be the ideal time for a break from routine and duties. If you slow down the pace of your life you are less likely to experience frustration. If you have to stay on the job, expect some delay and inconsistencies. Many little things could happen that will measure or even stop your progress for a while. Keep your appointments and deadlines fluid enough to accommodate last-minute unexpected trouble. This will be a test of your mental flexibility and ability to adapt, not usually your forte.



  1. Fiona Munro Says:

    This explains why I’ve been inspired to write poetry everyday lately!

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Fiona, yes. Also in the last few days the Aries Sun has been in Sextile to Neptune in Aquarius, a very poetical and musical aspect. The Sextile, combining the energies of Planets in compatible Elements but different Mode is often a more active and dynamic aspetc than the Trine. Thank you for your ongoing support. Enjoy your writing, that’s the main thing.

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