Important Full Moon, the Paschal Moon, first of  the new astrological year that began at the Aries Equinox, on March 21. This is the Full Moon which decided the date of Easter this year. If the Full Moon is a sort of realization, culmination, emotional harvest, this is the first for the new year; always important, always showing the way; a peak experience that we will slowly absorb and make sense of during the waning period. This begins really the very moment the Moon separates from her opposition to the Sun and continues throughout the waning fortnight. A Full Moon in fact is as much a beginning point as a New Moon. The difference is that what we begin at the New Moon is motivated by the desire to have an impact on our external environment, being strongly projected toward the fulfilment of this desire that hopefully will happen at the Full Moon. What we begin at the Full Moon instead has more the character of an inner journey, whose fulfilment demands that we go through the whole cycle, completing both its outer and inner requirements (waxing and waning periods). This is required before we can begin a brand new cycle, at the next New Moon, that will be in a new Sign and Element, and therefore generating a different dynamic in our Birth Charts.

The Earth is placed in the middle of the phenomenon we call the Full Moon, receiving the warmth of the Sun rays on one side, while on the other is illumined by the same rays fully reflected in the cold and old face of the Moon. This is a bath of consciousness, when what was hidden can become manifest.

Sun and Moon represent the two halves of consciousness: conscious and unconscious. Their interaction at the Full Moon make us more aware of a duality within the psyche, because what was before dark and unconscious has come up into the light and cam be now perceived.

This is the Libra Full Moon, every year manifesting the collective longing for balance, harmony, equality, fairness, gentleness, cooperation in our relationship with others and the world as an intelligent being. Great Full Moon for a gathering of beautiful people, beautifully dressed, flowers, songs and music, romance and enchantment. We seek companionship, mutual understanding, grace, beauty.

Art exhibitions could do well this month (the Nimbin Extravaganza comes to mind) and cultured encounters of artists, writers, musos, dancers, lovers, and those longing for love.

The idealistic and romantic tone of this Full Moon this year is sobered somehow by the aspects the Sun and Moon are forming during the phase with other members of the solar family. They are both in fact separating from, respectively, a conjunction (Moon) and an opposition (Sun) to Saturn, very slowly retrograding on the cusp Libra/Virgo. Saturn will re-enter Virgo on April 8, bringing back for a while some of the practical difficulties we all experienced in 2008-2009. Saturn always check our expansion, creating necessary boundaries, within and without. In this case the ringed planet is adding a great degree of realism to this idealistic Full Moon, ensuring a more down to earth approach to relationships of all kinds. Any diplomatic mission and attempt we make now to find a middle ground with others’ point of views will need a strong basis on facts, not just aspirations.

To confirm the serious slant of this phase, both Sun and Moon are also separating from a 90 degrees angle to Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that demands great honesty and courage. This transit, happening as it does during this important phase, will tinge the Libran desire for harmony and peace with the necessity to look into core issues that could very well disturb the very harmony we are seeking. In the end it will prove salutary, ensuring our relationships are more open, honest and profound.

On the Full Moon day and the day after (March 31) Venus, very close to leaving Aries, will form a harmonious aspect (Sextile = 60 degrees angle) with first Neptune and then Chiron in Aquarius. This aspect is lifting the whole tone of this Full Moon, making us collectively more aware of the need for healing our personal relationships and finding a more spiritual, less self-centred dimension of our love life and of the values we live by. Venus will enter Taurus on April 1.

MARCH 30, 2010, 01.25 pm



  1. Maru Says:

    Hello again! Is it possible, and if so, how to revert a Via Combusta aspect in birth? Sun was 23 degrees in Scorpio and the Waxing Moon was leaving Libra and entering Scorpio… The birth expected for mid December, happened in November (8 months) due to an accident of the mother.

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Maru, It is a strange question. My own belief is that nothing concerning the Birth Chart needs to be ‘overcome’ or reverted, as you put it. This is so for two important reasons. First there are always positive and soul cariing ways of expressing what the Horoscope is proposing. And this includes Via Combusta, an opportunity to deepen your understanding of life, your own inner drives and motives and those of people close to you. The second reason is that life does the job for us. The Natal Chart in fact progresses, month by month, year by year. So, for instance the Sun at 23 degrees of Scorpio would have left this Sign around the age of 7 and then entered Sagittarius, progressing at about one degree per year.
      To conclude there are also different viewpoints on where Via Combusta really is. Most authorites place it between the middle of Libra and the middle of Scorpio, and consider the most crucial part to be between 23 of Libra and 6 degrees of Scorpio. Others think that the phrase was used in antiquity to indicate a cluster of ‘difficult’ stars in early Scorpio. This should be found now around 10 degrees of Sagittarius, considering the Earth’s polar wobble that makes the Fixed Stars move backward along the Zodiac at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years (precession of the Equinoxes). Finally some older authorities say that Via Combusta begins in the middle of Libra and includes the whole of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. This last view is difficult to understand because Via Combust would then cover a very large portion of the Zodiac.
      In life and death there are no accidents according to Astrology. We are all born at our own appointed time, even if the birth is anticipated by an accident or induced by chemicals.

  2. Maru Says:

    Your comment is so interesting. In fact, I do not know much about Astrology(bet you noticed it the first second). I was told by a friend, not an expert, but is known for being a lover of Astrology, that being born on a Saturday night, not completing the 9 months gestation, Waning Disseminating Moon, and in Via Combusta was something to worry about. I forgot about it, in fact, I did not believe it. And, while reading, accidentally, something about Astrology, I found this term Via Combusta and began to find out. Thank you so much.

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