Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, an Algol event.

The Fixed Stars make a fascinating study. Their stories are the often broken and many times mended remains of the ancient myths, beliefs and rituals that were important, even vital to our ancestors. They still resonate with us because they contain archetypal material we can all recognize and identify with.

Here I have collected, from my own data base and various other sources (see bottom of page), a short list of people and events whose Horoscopes are somehow connected with Algol, the Gorgon Head’s Star, beta of constellation Perseus, the Star that has proven so significant in the Astrology of the Haiti’s earthquake.

For a summary of Medusa’s story and an explanation of this Star’s dark reputation please refer to my previous post.

The list talks for itself, in most cases there is no need of further explanation.

I feel however that a word of warning is necessary here. The presence of Algol-Medusa over the Sun, Moon, or any Planet or Angle in someone’s Natal or Progressed Chart, or in a Chart cast for a specific event (wedding, holiday departure, purchase of land, court hearing, surgery, etc.) is not by itself a sign of gloom and doom. The entire Chart conjures a picture that is always complex and multilayered, and, like any other factor in a Horoscope, Fixed Stars should never be considered in isolation. The Haiti’s earthquake is a great example of this, because many factors contributed to the tragic outcome, and Algol didn’t just appear in one Chart, but in three separate Charts related to the event, always on sensitive points and only allowing tight orbs.

What seems to have conjured up the Haiti’s tragedy are a combination of massive planetary alignments, the blend of Eclipses and Fixed Stars and other very special quirks of fate, like the Lunar Eclipse occurring on Haiti’s Solar Return Birthday and Haiti’s seventh Saturn Return since independence active right at this time.

I feel this precautionary note is necessary because there is a real risk through the use of Fixed Stars to generate superstition and fears. The language and imagery that are associated with some of these asterisms are often dramatic and ominous. The same is true however of a lot of old fashion Astrology, with its accent on good and bad aspects, benefic and malefic Planets etc.

Algol-Medusa is a power Star and one that many can indeed wear as a badge of honour and charisma, and not a mark of doom or a sign of wickedness. It is described by modern astrologers Bernadette Brady and Diana Rosenberg as: feminine wisdom, creative power, consuming passion, intense sexuality; confrontation and then assimilation of the  dark side of life and human nature.

I have considered squares and opposition from/to Algol/Medusa and not just conjunctions, as it is usually the rule with Fixed Stars, because they seem to be relevant in many cases. It is indeed possible, as Diana Rosenberg suggests, that other Stars are responsible for the effects we sometimes attributed to square and opposition from Algol. I included in this list also Capulus, the Star that represents the tip of Perseus’ Sword (the one that killed Medusa) because it is close to Algol and seems to be significant not just for the myth but for Astrology too.


Agatha Christie: Capulus conjunct Mid-Heaven.

Albert Einstein: Algol conjunct Pluto.

Albrecht Durer: Algol conjunct Mid-heaven.

Alistair Crowley, occultist: Capulus conjunct Pluto.

Anastasia Romanov: Algol conjunct South Node.

Arthur Rubenstein: Algol conjunct Neptune.

Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran’s religious leader: Algol conjunct Sun.

Azaria Chamberlain: Algol in wide conjunction with the Moon (one and half degrees).

Bob Dylan: Algol conjunct Uranus.

Bob Dylan, Algol conjunct Uranus.

Brian Jones (first Rolling Stone): Algol conjunct Uranus.

Carl Gustav Yung: Algol conjunct Pluto.

Cecil B. De Mill: Algol conjunct Jupiter.

Che Guevara: Capulus conjunct Sun.

Christine Keller, a call girl, who was implicated in one of the deepest political scandals of the 1960s, the Profumo affairs (from the name of the then British Defence Minister): Algol conjunct Moon and Jupiter.

Elvis Presley: Algol square Saturn.

Evita Peron: Algol conjunct Sun and Capulus conjunct Mars.

Ezra Pound: Algol conjunct Neptune.

Grace Kelly: Algol opposition Mars.

Frank Kafka: Algol conjunct Mars.

George Bernard Shaw: Algol conjunct Uranus.

George Gurdjieff: Algol conjunct Neptune.

Henry Fonda: Algol conjunct Sun.

Hirohito, emperor of Japan when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed: Algol square Mars and in wide conjunction to South Node.

Hugh Hefner: founder of the magazine Playboy: Algol opposition Saturn, a strange placement for a self-confessed hedonist!

Isadora Duncan, Algol conjunct Pluto.

Jean Paul Sartre: Algol conjunct Jupiter.

Jim Morrison: Algol conjunct Lower-Heaven.

John Calvin, Protestant reformer: Algol conjunct Moon.

John Lennon: Algol conjunct Uranus.

Joan of Ark, burnt at the stake: Algol conjunct Saturn.

Johnny Depp: Algol conjunct Venus.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Algol conjunct Jupiter.

Joseph Stalin: Algol conjunct Pluto.

Leonardo da Vinci: Algol conjunct Lower-Heaven.

Marshall Herff Applewhite, cult leader who convinced 39 of his followers to commit mass suicide: Algol conjunct Sun and Capulus conjunct the Moon (born just before New Moon). This is one striking example!

Mata Hari: Algol conjunct Pluto.

Mick Jagger: Algol conjunct Moon.

Natalie Wood: Algol conjunct South Node.

Oliver Cromwell: Algol conjunct Mercury.

Pablo Picasso: Algol conjunct Jupiter.

Patrick Swayze: Algol square Sun and opposition Mars.

Prince William: Algol conjunct Venus, same as his mum, and also conjunct Chiron.

Ramakrishna: Algol conjunct North Node.

Richard Nixon: Algol conjunct Saturn.

Robert Hoppenheimer, reluctant father of the atomic bomb: Algol conjunct Mercury.

Saddam Hussein: Mercury conjunct Capulus, the sword of Perseus, and one degree from Algol.

Salvador Dali: Mars conjunct Algol.

Steven King: Algol conjunct North Node and opposition Jupiter.

Ted Bundy, serial killer: Algol opposition Mercury, which was also conjunct Venus in Scorpio.

Thomas Watt Hamilton, serial killer: Algol opposition Moon, both square the Moon’s Nodes.

Vladimir Ilich Lenin: Algol conjunct Jupiter.


Saint Bartholomew’s Massacre, August 24 1572: Algol opposition Mars.

Sinking of the Lusitania, May 8 1915: Algol conjunct Mercury.

San Francisco’s earthquake on April 18, 1906. Capulus conjunct Mars.

Bombardment of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War, April 26 1937: Algol conjunct Mercury.

Picasso, with natal Jupiter on Algol, painted the famous Guernica soon after the event. The whole picture to me reveals the meaning and creative potential of Algol better than a lot of words.

Caracas’ earthquake on March 12, 1912: Algol opposition Uranus.

Tokyo’s earthquake on January 1 1855: Capulus conjunct North Node.

State of Israel: Capulus, Perseus’ sword, conjunct the Sun.

Port Arthur massacre: Algol conjunct Mid-Heaven and Mercury.

Great Sites on Fixed Stars, Eclipses etc.

Ed Tamplin’s

Diana Rosenberg’s

Anne Wright’s

Anton Grigoryev’s

Giuseppe Bezza’s:

For an astronomical view of Algol:

And to become aware of an amazing coincidence (top synchronicity in action) please look up these astronomical sites too, because they describe a phenomenon, defined as a Magnetic Loop, emanating from the Binary Star Algol. This has been discovered only recently and was made public on the 14th of January, as far as I know, two days after the Haiti’s earthquake!*


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